Tuesday, December 19, 2006

19th December. Update, Erith Mrk 2, aching and xmas.

Well, Saturday i worked, Sunday, Erith Gym session number two, a bit freer and laid back as it's amost Christmas (hurrah!). Went well but, even to my suprise turned into me just going mad on some new movements for a few hours constantly. (damn you Cord and Bobby, and Gav, and my weak sesne of self apparently!)

I felt like I could do a running gainer on flat, put a small matt down, went and made it. It was strange to finally do it, I felt like I could have months ago at the jetty in southend but I hadnt the belief that I could, doubt overweight it.

I'll quote Brad on this as he said "It's better to know that you could have done it back then and do it later then sitting in hospital wishing you didnt." (Brad Wendes 18th Decemeber 06)

Anyways after practicing these gainers, Cord showed me a slight variation with a twist which was a kick the moon, I worked on it a few times and got them.

I am pleased with this movement, it is a completely new type of movement for me and the shire speed in which I have made this pleases me. I felt like I can do it, and I did it, Belief in key. To quote a nike advertisement "0.1% of self doubt is too much".

It's Tuesday now, and I still ache, I havnt pushed the limits of my body like that for sometime, and this is the real start of my strenght training, i have been talking alot about it to some closer friends, but I will be cutting down the "Parkour" and really concentrating on my body and getting stronger and tougher. I have alot to learn and want to find what I am looking for. I know i need to be stronger and I hope through training I can find the understanding which i am striving for.

Few thanks for the year, Charlotte, being an amazing person and beautiful loving girlfriend. Brad Wendes, for all the opportunities and being a really good friend. Danny and Martin, for teaching me an awful lot and helping me to understand my own beliefs in movement. Cutley, for being there and alongside helping me achieve my goals. Cord (Julian), havent known you for long, but I'm glad to have met you. Bobby, the talk tonight was refreshing and lets see what the new year brings.

Everyone I have met and/or spoke with, I thank you for being you.

If I don't speak to people yet you read this blog, have a good Christmas and a great new year!



Saturday, December 09, 2006

Photoshoot for Image Library.

Well work let me swap to work Sunday of which I must go to work in..... 10:30 hours.... yeay. But I was at a photoshoot today with Christopher Sims and Corbis Image Library, for some clothing ranges/fashion/action and head shots. here is us at the end of a hard days shooting!

It's a wrap.

Images to follow.


Late tour photos.

Phone decided to work finally.

Photo's from Samsung Tour.

Training/Tricking in Glasgow.

Danny Ilabaca, Ski champ in TKMAXX Newcastle

"Tour bus" ?

Danny coming "out of the closet"

swift-freedom is expanding.... (joke).

Meh, still awaiting footage form Chris, alas.


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Pole dancers, Brunell, Zombies and Cameras.

Well I got back Thursday, rested Friday, Saturday I headed to Charlotte's as I needed to be in London for Sunday and Saturday so it made sense me staying with her. (Thank You).

Was nice to spend more time with Char, found out that Martin Klipp, who Charlotte and I have both met beforehand, sorted us out for the Virgin Holidays 2006 awards ceremony, managed to get Charlotte in and so we went. Got to Liverpool street, met up with Prozac (Chris harbour) Luke, Gav, and Dredd and a new but welcome addition, Ashley Holland, was nice to finally get talking.

We headed to Brick lane where the party was, none of us, knew what to expect, we went through the back of the venue, straight into the "pimps loounge" and ... MY GOD! What the hell! Chandeleers, weird glitzy stuff everyways, I just can't put it into words, but it was a proper celeb style venue!

Then the next room was where we were performing, "the street" indoors with a stage, abondoned car, breakers, scoffold, barrels, and all sorts, we found our feet, stole the scaffolding and decided we needed it for our demos.

The make up guy came round so we had to get topless and be smearing in black make up to make it look like we were greasy New york mechanics. RAD! Did our stuff, met Richord Arnold, (from GMTV) ate some popcorn, then went to the afterparty, which. was. immense. Charlotte loved the street area but we both loved the pimps palace even more! Was amzing, free drinks, free stir fri/sushi/steaks. Pole dancers, dancer, naked hanging lady! Alls sorts and it was mad! We had a wild time, get a late train back, and promptly slept, as I had to be leaving the House at about 8:00 to Be at Brunell, Uxbridge for 10. Said bye to Char in the Morning and headed off.

I found out that Brad was filming for 28 weeks later and was an infected guy/zombie, and got to Brunell at 5 am having had no sleep for 35 hours, well, I say no sleep, he napped for 30 minutes in a toilet cubicle. . . . . hahahahaha

He looked wrecked, myself and Prozac were there nice and early, and brad was shivvering in the Atrium. Moving tactics showed up and we had a nose around, later to be found by Lukey boy! We all looked around for ideas, not any of us feeling very alive, or mobile. We found our rooms (eventually) in the Lancaster suite. And we were VERY suprised, huge rooms, TVS baths, perfectly clean and dwonstairs, for our use only. SPA, Steam room, sauna and plunge pool. Loverly jubly. By this time, Chris Danny and Martain had joined us from Liverpool as did Amy from Chelmsford.

Meyself and Brad had a nice time in the spa in our boxors "relaxin' and maxin'".

The we all eventually got to sleep once the guys were shown to their rooms.

Next aday, the Samsung heads were down, so we needed to make it big and impressive, much like the other shows/demos. We started up high, as they shoed, drops down and all went all out, whilst getting the audience involved and showing the beautiful MP3 players. All went well, all did our bits and we'll see where it goes. They took alot of footage as did we, so we'll see how it goes.

Liv showed up as did our friends from herts and SAPK (shoutout). Thengot into London Met with Jason matten http://www.tracehq.com who came back to mine to then go train london the next day.

BUSY EH? more to come. about my parkour and sicovering what it really is.


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

8th / 18th November, about bloody time says I ! The Tour

Been a while it has!

I have been on tour with Brad Wendes, Luke , Amy, Prozac, Daniel , Chris , Martin, on behalf of Samsung, advertising the new Samsung K5 Mp3 player (lovely bits of kit!).

It's been a long few weeks! Pictures are to follow and I'm going to have a tiny little write up of the events.

We departed for Derby to pick up the van, so Brad and Prozac drove myself, Amy, and newly 21 and half drunk Luke.

We got to Derby picked up the van and drove up to Liverpool to pick up Danny and Chris and as we found Maximo to drive! (Legend!)

We got to Danny's area, and scoped the Pavilion in the middle of the field, me and Luke got out and ran to it, it was huge and weird and srange and beautiful, full of life and depth. The van drove off to where Danny lived so we ran over to say hello and were invited in as the weather was poor and raining. But the Ilabaca household made us feel very welcome.

From there, Mx took the driving seat, and got us all the way up to Glasgow.
The venue wasnt great and Glasweigens werent very nice people to talk to, snappy and irate. SO I dont want to talk to anyone in Scotland again.

We got out of that Country As Soon As Possible!

To Newcastle, and MY GOD! Amazing amazing amazing, the University campus area was fantastic and the people there were really friendly and enthusistic. (Shout out to all the women dressed as cowgirls egging us on! :-P).

We were struggling to get going for it, we had to make a big impression, Martin pushed as all and got us moving, and we got going, and going good, talking to lots and doing lots of great stuff. Getting big crowds and doing our jobs!

That was us done for the end of week one, we stayed outside Dan's for the weekend as Manchester wasnt far. We had a great weekend of learning and training. The area was fantastic, good hard tough training, Brad was back in London with Amy at this time.

Not going to write much but a breif summery is thus.

In all we visited Manchester, good fun, got in trouble (*cough* Prozac), myself and Daniel did alot of training together and some fear training and big climbs, really pushing ourselves and helping each other which was really good.

Then off to sheffield, Danny was doing another Job and so he had the talented Martin with us, and he was doing awsomeness! kicked off the bigger Demo and went awsome. My elbows where in alot of pain and I felt generally bad, so I was filming which was fun, Jin turned up later on, good to see him and we did much things. Sheffield = the bomb for Parkour.

From Sheffield we headed to birmingham, had a good climb, Danny almost fell.

Derby, open day at the Uni, lots of people, the bar was awsome, lots to do-ness, good reaction and interest from the Students.

Then onwards to Hertfordshire twas Halloween. Brilliant place to train and nice people. The staff, "Yeah, you can go on the roofs around the Student Union area, its no problem". We roof it to the far side of the University then climb their new couple of million pound media building. And back to the SU area. "Can you not go that far please, its okay but not again or youll have to leave".

Was good fun!

Then we were off to Southampton, lovely place nice people. Then from there after the demos, I got my stuff together and caught the train back to London with Martin and Luke, then bye to Martin and back home.

Thats pretty much the tour. apart form the extra days and final days at Brunell which I'll write about in a bit.

Monday, October 16, 2006

16th October- Launch date

Im off today to Chelmsford, then we are off tommorrow morning, so bye all, see you on the otherside, Happy Birthday Luke see you later on.


Saturday, October 14, 2006

14th October, Tourness to come

Dates are pretty much final we leave on the Tuesday but I have to be in Chelmsford on monday to leave early tuesday. (boo earlyness!)

The up to Derby, and up to Glasgow, ca't wait, will be fun to see if i can survive on what little money I have until I get paid, so; rad! (Or as Wendes would say "radical radical radical")

For some of the pictures from those photoshoots check out my myspace profile at www.myspace.com/binarybrad.

Yesterday I was with Charlotte before I go away, gonna miss not seeing her, but we will be stronger after. Thank you for an amazing day Charlotte, Love you. x

I'll post before I go away i think with Dates, so if anyone is at those Uni's you can see us.

PS. I am growing my hair long after having a good old chat with paul ages agao, I figured might aswell see what happens.

me so far.

Brad -

Saturday, October 07, 2006

6th and 7th of October, 19 years Of Brad Moss

Yup, and they said It could never be done! :-P
19 years old today and in all, been a nice couple of days.

Firstly was looking forward to Charlotte staying for my Birthday on Saturday (Fri night).
Secondly, woke up Friday to being told there were two shoots in Lodnon I was asked to help out with (even though it was only a few hours in advance).
And thirdly, no work, as I was supposed to be on tour already.

Free weekend! woo!

Anyways, Friday morning, get up and ready asap, after talking to Charlotte and letting her know to meet me in London. So I was supposed to meet Brad, Prozac, Kerbie and Andrew in London then the photogrophers, just got in the train and Brad phoned again giving me the Lowdown.

Waiting for the train^^^

Half way to London, Brad phoned to say that he couldnt make it, which was a shame, silly man.

Got to Liverpool street where me and Prozac waitined for a while, John (Kerbie) turned up and pleasentries were exchanged, then photgrapher number one, John, and Martin Klipp, a journalist and such. We waited a while for Andrew, but ran off to get a few pics taken, I found a tny little allyway which we explored and found an interesting area, I didnt want to climb it but John and Prozac were straight up there. We got moved on sharpish and Andrew phoned wondering where we were, so we all headed back to Liverpool street where we met Andrew and on the way my missus Charlotte.

Headed to tower 42 but it was rather wet, regardless, Kerbie did some flippage over a sign alot, for lots of angles and such, then some vaults before we got moved on.

We then headed off to the only other Dry Place we knew of as it was TERRIBLE wet, rainy weather, and to the scaffolding we trained on a few weeks back, we spent a large amount of time there.

Lots of shots were taken, talking was done, as was alot of movement experimenting.

Time was up and it was time for shoot number 2! back to Liverpool street where we had fun trying to find the Finnish reporter and photographer. Kerbie had left, so it was me and Prozac for the shoot, whre we were outside liverpool street had a ledge with an increasing drop, but to our suprise the ledge was grippy, even in the rain and wetness! The rain stopped, the sun came out, but through the wet ground I felt energised, kept moving, reinspired, doing vaults for the photographer etc. I was then interviewed, but unfortunatly Prozac had to go, so she asked me lots of questions, talking about Parkour and the benefits it brings to lives, really inspired me again, I've been in a bit of a rut recently, but Im back.

EDIT* (Just realised I said nothing about ym birthday! dah!)

Woke up, watched Char sleep, layed in for a while, got up, checked mails, decided what to do, opened some cards, thangs to those who gave me cards etc. Charlottte got me V for Vendetta on DVD aswell as the tour tickets etc so thank you baby!

Thought about seeing a film, decided against it, so we went shopping and browsing around Southend, nice relaxing day, playing with the waves on the beach, buying shtuff etc, got home, played some games, had a chinese with Charlotte and the family. Was getting pretty late and walked Charlotte to the station, always sad to say goodbye, but none the less, I'm never really letting her go :-).

London tommorrow to see the reporter and photographer again hopefully aswell as an awosme training day with the old guys.

Pictures to follow hopefully.

Oh yeah and the video from trianing in london the other week is here below :-)


Monday, September 25, 2006

25th September- Meeting and training London.

I had to go London today, brad reassured us that the weather was meant to be great for a good old Jam team training session after a meeting we had to attend, but, it was raining so hard I couldn't beleive it, was horrid weather! We dicided to go check out a few areas scouted a few days before hand, there was a pretty cool garden/seating area which looked awsome. there was a glass floor to a part of it, and us, being us, had a little game of sliding across it to the otherside seemings it was SOAKED and slippery, was great fun and no one slipped, (yet)!

So we carried on "training" in the wet and dry areas we could find. Prozac climbed the floor, and it looks Ace on Brad's Phone. the time rolled by so we went back to liverpool street to meet Danny, Chris and someone i'd never met before, Martin (he was recovering form an operation but as Danny says, is amazing and taugh him most of the stuff he knows, so i can't wait to see him fit and in action!).

Anyways, we met up at the meeting (funny that), got some dates and then escaped to train in the wetness, trying to find some decent dry areas. After heading back to Liverpool Street so that we could meet up with a photographer. We then head to an undercover area nearby that was mainly there for tic-tacs to a wall, a lot of pictures were taken and alot of unusual moves and combinations were tried, once again Danny was doing what he does best and showed some very interesteing movement, like a wall pop using one foot only that he all got us to try, as spinning around while it looks like you sit on the wall (he said that Jackie Chan has done it in a few films). Prozac practically made the tic tac straight up to the top of the wall, no Saut du bras! and Luke did a nice front sommie down the stairs.

We then moved on to the Tower 42 area, however I'm not very inspired by the area, so I kinda just watched everyone else while photos continued to be taken. We then moved onto a scoffoled area I found when out with Prozac, Ben and Jay on the "back to basics day". We started at one area, there was ALOT of scaffolding, we were practicing on one area, but on a downward swing the bar that Danny was landing on rotated around and he lost grip and carried on falling towards a V shaped bar and was wedged in via his back, I was shitting myself watching it, but he tensed up and kept rigid which meant he didn't brake his back which he could have done, respect to him for the trianing he put in meaning he can fall good and thank god he can! He got up after being a bit winded form it, but was fine, bet he's got a bruise now though.

We moved around to another scaffold area after the stinky bad death rail and practiced some larger laches which were good fun. Brad sorted out his insurance while hanging on a bar.

From there Brad had to head off, as did the photographer, so we all headed back to liverpool street to say some goodbyes and get some food for our onward trip to "Royal Oak", hadn't been the before but have seen the area on a few vids so was looking forward to it. Stuck around for some grub at Liverpool street, and then hit the tube for some underground action.

Got to Royal Oak and the old school skate park area, and my god! It was fantastic, the rails were amaizing, all under a bridge so dry as hell, and was my heaven, a pleace to move and rill new movements over and try new things etc.

Some amazing movements made, Danny taught be alot of stuff as did talking to Matrin towards the end, having not done an awful lot during the day, and finding this AMAZING place, I was driven to go, keep trianing, keep moving, carrying on my momentum and trying some new things. Won't go into detail, but I am very happy with my outlook on my practices recently.

Stretching - Danny and martain were talking about the harmony of felxibility and strength.

warm up - stretch - power train - stretch. Thanks for the help guys, and I'll be seeing you soon.

HOPEFULLY Chris will send some footage.


Sunday, September 17, 2006

17th September - Gym. - Learning IS fun.

Was invited to a good old gym with Mr Brad Wendes, to have fun with Luke, Prozac, Gav (who now has hair! I hadn't seen him in an age), Spike and a few other people's. Seemings I hadn't been to this gym or a gym like this for a few years, I made the most of it, Luke arraved and we got running around in a circut for a Parkour warm up, all around the gym, which was GREAT fun.

I don't actually practice much/many flip outside anymore so I figured I should, to keep them fresh in my mind and practice while I have the opportunity to. After some vaults and front flips over some blocks, and watching GAV do same REALLY strange four legged run, which he can do faster than running (silly man), we moved to the pits. First of all I wanted to learn a swing flip thing, where you swift on a bar, let go at the peak of the forward momentum and roll over backwards; forwards. Didn't record it but it was good fun. And then of course was the one flip I'd been REALLY thinking about, "THE GAINER" (Look at the word dripping in blood! oooOOoo)

I watched LUke practice for a while and I was pretty sure I could get them, he gave me a few tips, and I went for it, fist time I got the rotation and landed on all fours, then it was a matter of playing with the height increase, and gain on the distance, as well as working on the tuck etc. Going through the movements in my head, rehersing what I had to do with my body and when. I find It really does help, if anyone wants to ask about mental prep and rehersal then ask me, happy to help you understand it (good old A level PE eh?).

Anywas, PRACTICE and PRACTICE later, Ive been nailing some nice ones, landing well etc so I was pleased, two brand new things learnt in one day, good fun, obviously still need practice, as with any movment.

I've been a bit lazy of late, but today was another kick, a bit of inspiration watching, the recovering brad doing some INSANE stuff as well as Gav who is little but FULL of power and crazy gymnatsics! Good to see both Gav and Brad recovering from serious injuries and persuing what they love, go guys!

Prozac astounded everyone again with some HUGE vaults which were to much to comprehend, let alone bloody write! I cant describe it!

We'd finished up, and Prozac executed a SDC over a car ( big deal been done right?) ........................ LONG WAYS. Some of us have this rare footage, we might even show you, up to him i guess :-P.

Anyways, learnt something new, and was a real mental challenge which was a great thing to overcome, I struggled and acieved.

Enjoy, tour has been moved back, got a meeting in a few weeks, can't wait! will be an amzing experience, even though I'll be travelling on my Birthday and not seeing Charlotte for a while :-(. Alas.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Training this evening, and pics form Sunday

Charlie from Le Hockley called me, "want to come out?". Seemings I was at home doing jack shit sitting on my ass all day; I said yes. I started running from the parade of shops nearby and Charlie and Pat jumped off the bus and joined in which was pretty funny I guess. Ran to the warm up spot, where matt already was, and we did just that; warming up, moving around, trying new things, just moving, I was pretty tired from yesterday but I lossened up, stretched hard, then we moved to the grass oppositte the train station practicing handstands. the of course, moved onto the rails over the road for foot placement, bollard hopping and rail precisions. then up and over the train staion climbing on a wall edge nearby, then to the freght house for some well mannered conditioning, good seeing Matt ad Charlie, understanding the importance of conditioning and happily doing it.

It is So important to condition and strengthen in the early stages of parkour.

Got a few more details about the tour and parkour/movement work etc, so that will be cool, looks like I'm going to be AWAY for my Birthday, first time ever, and it's gonna be strange. I guess, thats growing up, 19, *shudder*. Still, really looking forward to travel, and practice in some, what I am sure will be, some amazing places.

Got some pictures from Phil ("Wookie") that he took on Sunday. I really like them, so a BIG thank you to Phil. :-D

Well done Phil. If you wish to use the pictures, please ask.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

1. Just a thought. 2. Training.

1. Just thinking about all the Crazy things I've seen through my life.

In no particular order, just how I think about them

- Mobile phones, turn from microwaves with an arial, to colour screens and music phones.
- Fire-ant (best game ever) and the commadore 64, to a PC and Playstation. (PS3 will pwn)
- Two aeroplanes fly into two towers, killing hundreds.
- Bombs exploding around London, underground and busses.
- The England football team.
- My Dad having pipes stuck in him and now fine having suriving cancer.
- The "Gameboy" to the PSP.
- CGI in films almost as real as real things (Lotr)
- The millenium Dome a place for tourism to a skatepark and now God knows.
- A Man crack his head open.

Meh just a few things that are quite shocking I guess that have happeneed through my lifetime. Im not saying they are all on the same level, I suppose I'm just thinking about 9/11 stuff and July 7th stuff as its being PLASTERED all over the damn TV again, makes me sick really,
YES it has happened
YES it was terrible
YES we shoudl remember it,
But there is NO reason to show it over and over again to scare everyone into believing that we are always in trouble and we'd better do what the governemnt says otherwise we'll all die, it's V for vendetta but happening NOW and on YOUR TV's. Don't believe it all.

2. Me, now my "rant" is over :-P

Was out training on Thursday, was pretty cold, and too be honest I'm looking forward to winter and training, running to keep warm, let alone the rest of parkour movements etc :-).

Thursday was REALLY nice, myself Paula nd Cutley, hit the usual spots aswell as some newer areas we hadn't really trained before. I was working on Control that day, as oposed to standing up like anormal preciion, crouch to an appropriate height to look at the landing area. When you stand, you have the height of your body to give you the hight of the jump, which in essence, creates more force. I was croauching in order to only push off and use more of my arms than legs to use ONLY the amount of energy needed for the jump, raw precision efficiency :-). Was able to hold and fully land some pretty large precisions, so my control is improving.

Sunday: Was training today aswell, only expected about 3 people and loads came which was a nice suprise, everyone moving around which was good to see. I controlled the precision at the train station first time which was pretty nice to be far, the training from Thursday paid off.
We moved onto different areas, I did a fair bit of handstand practice, getting better I'll say.
New Lache found at the main Civic Centre tree! angled and nice for le flow, seeing new opportunities again. Drilling alot of clmibing today, climb ups, the custom and exise wall was fun, weird climbing wall thing. Ladder pull ups, hot weather, little but sunburnt, but I had fun, and im tired, Good training.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Heh, strange.

Been taking a few days out to rest as I've been over doing the training a wee bit.

Just found a pretty funny site that will compare your face to that of a database of celebrities, so... Any stunt coreogrephers, please take heed, I look like these people:

Weird huh?

Anyways, been working at the Kid's club again today, was good fun getting chased around, good training :-).

Gonna make a few phone call tomorrow, and, oh. My WWJ profile us up :-) found HERE


Friday, August 18, 2006

My life starts here...

18th August:

Decided to go for a real blog thing, people can keep track of how I'm doing if they want to, but my main reason was for me to continue writing, and expressing through words, which is something I have always enjoyed and wish to continue.

Yesterday was the 17th of August and the A level results day. I hasd always said that I would be worried about it, but the night before, i had to admit, i was a little scared, I can't explain fully why, maybe it had something to do with it being the "end" of what I had known for pretty much all my life. I received a letter that morning confirmning my place for a university, so I had obviously hit the requirements. this iwas a HUGE load off my back, so I just went up to school to see my old friends, some teachers and to see how well (or badly :-P) I had done.

The brown envolope was passed to me.
English Literature: A
Psychology: D

I was extremely pleased, i thought I'd have failed Psych, but I didnt, so yeay! Good results, head held high and in a dazed confusion, but why?? Nobody seemed fussed, or excited, or upset, or scared... it was just another day. It didnt really hit me until I got home. Some people I will now NEVER see again, I will NEVER go back to the School to learn anything, and In the next month I COULD be going to University.

And so the dillema had come, what the hell am I going to do with my life?? I have a good opportunity on several fronts, so what do I choose? My parkour and training this year has been up and down, but as of late, opportunites have been opening up, with, I must say, thanks for Worldwidejam, and Brad Wendes. I have a position in the street team which I hope will open up various opportunities, and hopefully doing all I want to do, carry on training, and bettering myself, and passing on what I have learnt in my years of practicing parkour and movement.

This morning I could have cried... who am I and what am I doing? I seriously had'nt a clue, this is the start of my life, what I will more than likely do for the rest of my life. Uni, to study English lit and philosophy, or keep training, put uni on hold for a year, and see what I can do to kickstart a life and hopefully a career. I was asking round, but it came down to me.

I have defered my place to Hertfordshire until next year if all fails, I will train as I have done, bettering myself physically and mentally, and doing all I can to achieve my goals and to live a full life, which, even if I do say so myself, is a wise and honourable thing to do and aspire for. Doing what you love.
I will do all I can and face any barriers that fall in front of me, and I will pass them, overcome them and I will succeed, I must.


A seperate note, the nights have been really strange recently, just been getting down at night for some reason. Hopefully it'll ease up, learning about who I am over the next year and doing what I love, moving.

Archive - Spiderman dream

4th of July.

Well, happy 4th of July any Americans, I was wished it today by Sallo in MXO so I'll pass it on here.
Woke up this morning buzzing!
I was spiderman!!!
Had a dream, must have been due to watching the spiderman 3 trailer last night (which is amazing).
I was wearing the Black suit, I remember looking around for a bit, saved a person from a car, then everyone gathered around me. I then jumped straight up to a roof where I surveyed the rooftops. So I ran using my parkour skills then if i couldnt reach I was like "wait! Im spiderman", pulled the pose and the web flew out of my wrist and I swang to where I needed. Swang from a few dock cranes gliding over the water while swinging.
I then came down to the ground behind some metal cargo holds along the docks. Took my mask off and looked at my suit. The webbing was black and shiny and the suit was pretty much the same as the movies. It looked amazing! Then a "chinese family" came by, a mother, father and child. I quickly put my mask back on to hide my face.
The Chinaman shook my hand while the Woman was talking to me, he shook my hand but pricked my finger with a needle of some disription, I tired to ignore it but was afraid of what It could mean, I edged backwards. This was no family.... They wanted something.
I climbed down the edge of the concrete sea wall but the guy was persistant, I jumped up high but the Chinaman was still there, I ran and ran, but his voice followed me. I asked him what he wanted, he said he wanted me to act, to stage shows with my abilities. This was while I was ssticking to a tall buildings side.
I awoke.
Being spiderman was amazing, god knows if the dream MEANS anything, but it was the best, being able to move that way and do those things and see it!

Archived from an old source - Day out training with friends.

09 July 01:04

Thursday I was in London thanks to the "WorldWide Jam team", for an audition as a stunt double for a TV advert. I dont know when I'll know if I got it, so there, but afterwards, travelling around London with Danny Ilabaca, who travelled down from liverpool street, gave me a lot more than I expected.
We did a fair bit around London, main first place was as area around "Tower 42" where we had a meeting.
Up in Gary Rhodes' restaurant, we (myself, Prozac, Brad, Dredd, Danny, Chris and brad), admiring the rooftops from a height, talking about movement, parkour and the universe, there were some VERY deep thoughts going on, and I was amazed to see Danny's perceptions of movement, what he does and what we (traceurs) are doing.
From there we went down around "Tower 42"s ground, lots to do, and having never seen Danny in action before, I was shocked. He had an up most confidence in his own abilities, seemingly no doubt, or fear, just high level of ability, dedication and precision to each and every movement.
An example being a rail, I thought it looked really dusty, I asked if he wanted to check it before he went for the precision jump over the 30ft drop. He went for it, he may have checked it slightly, but ti be THAT sure your YOUR own abilities was truly inspiring. He also went for a dropped precision jump and kept going for it until he nailed it without falling. I do practice repetition and will try to nail movements dead n if I am not happy with them, nice to see him do it too.
We then moved onto the newly ruined "Leap Of Faith" area, the razor spikes around the edges are a strong deterrent but are not a permanent stopper. We trained around the area for a good while, I was impressed with Danny's turnvault into an underbar through the top bar of the rails in the area, MAD!
As we progressed around London, just talking about things, I was interested to find out his views and types of "training". I'm always keen to hear other peoples ideas in order to better my own methods. He said he trained everyday, I found it hard to believe, but imagine what advancements could be made with that much training. Admittedly 6 years of "parkour" and a lifetime of movement will give a huge advantage, but I now know that I can do more than I have been, I can push harder than I have ever done before, if I want to.
You know what? I do.
By the end of the day, we wound up at The southbank area, around Waterloo. Brad took us round to an area that isnt usually open to the public over weekends. We dumped our bags off and hid them down on some stoney area so they were safe. Myself and prozac went off to "explore".We went up, level by level of the SB centre. Prozac found a way up to the top, we were at the area of "Sebastien's" JL and JB handstand from the rails. Myself and Prozac chased down and found Brad and Dredd. We got Danny and Chris to come with, we were all up the top level, admiring the view, Danny could resist, controlled, he guiding himself up and was doing the handstand that Foucan had done years before, seeing it for real was an awe inspiring sight.
We then discovered to levels below ours, on two balconies. We went for it, turn vaults to down, parkour and efficiency. Seeing us all going together was a great feeling, running from where we were, i felt invigorated.
My most important lesson was learned around the old "Shell centre", luckily were were able to train at the "old ground" for a while before were were moved on. May well be our last time before it is knocked down. We then moved over the other side by the garden area, balancing along the concrete ledge, Danny suggested I play around with it and make it harder.
I realise I only really practice pure balance, not mixing it up or changing the situation of the balance. Mixing twists, heights and small jumps while balancing will increase competence and confidence on balance and more importantly, my own abilities and skills.
Focus on what you are doing is key. The day was a great day, seeing a lot of new stuff and a lot of new opportunities within movement; I wish to learn all I can, to progress and to better myself and my personal development irrespective of any arguments. I practice parkour and enjoy movement. I will do so. Mix up what you do, remain focused on what you are doing, concentrate hard and you will succeed.
Barriers and blocks are there to be beaten. Focus and achieve.