Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Heh, strange.

Been taking a few days out to rest as I've been over doing the training a wee bit.

Just found a pretty funny site that will compare your face to that of a database of celebrities, so... Any stunt coreogrephers, please take heed, I look like these people:

Weird huh?

Anyways, been working at the Kid's club again today, was good fun getting chased around, good training :-).

Gonna make a few phone call tomorrow, and, oh. My WWJ profile us up :-) found HERE


Friday, August 18, 2006

My life starts here...

18th August:

Decided to go for a real blog thing, people can keep track of how I'm doing if they want to, but my main reason was for me to continue writing, and expressing through words, which is something I have always enjoyed and wish to continue.

Yesterday was the 17th of August and the A level results day. I hasd always said that I would be worried about it, but the night before, i had to admit, i was a little scared, I can't explain fully why, maybe it had something to do with it being the "end" of what I had known for pretty much all my life. I received a letter that morning confirmning my place for a university, so I had obviously hit the requirements. this iwas a HUGE load off my back, so I just went up to school to see my old friends, some teachers and to see how well (or badly :-P) I had done.

The brown envolope was passed to me.
English Literature: A
Psychology: D

I was extremely pleased, i thought I'd have failed Psych, but I didnt, so yeay! Good results, head held high and in a dazed confusion, but why?? Nobody seemed fussed, or excited, or upset, or scared... it was just another day. It didnt really hit me until I got home. Some people I will now NEVER see again, I will NEVER go back to the School to learn anything, and In the next month I COULD be going to University.

And so the dillema had come, what the hell am I going to do with my life?? I have a good opportunity on several fronts, so what do I choose? My parkour and training this year has been up and down, but as of late, opportunites have been opening up, with, I must say, thanks for Worldwidejam, and Brad Wendes. I have a position in the street team which I hope will open up various opportunities, and hopefully doing all I want to do, carry on training, and bettering myself, and passing on what I have learnt in my years of practicing parkour and movement.

This morning I could have cried... who am I and what am I doing? I seriously had'nt a clue, this is the start of my life, what I will more than likely do for the rest of my life. Uni, to study English lit and philosophy, or keep training, put uni on hold for a year, and see what I can do to kickstart a life and hopefully a career. I was asking round, but it came down to me.

I have defered my place to Hertfordshire until next year if all fails, I will train as I have done, bettering myself physically and mentally, and doing all I can to achieve my goals and to live a full life, which, even if I do say so myself, is a wise and honourable thing to do and aspire for. Doing what you love.
I will do all I can and face any barriers that fall in front of me, and I will pass them, overcome them and I will succeed, I must.


A seperate note, the nights have been really strange recently, just been getting down at night for some reason. Hopefully it'll ease up, learning about who I am over the next year and doing what I love, moving.

Archive - Spiderman dream

4th of July.

Well, happy 4th of July any Americans, I was wished it today by Sallo in MXO so I'll pass it on here.
Woke up this morning buzzing!
I was spiderman!!!
Had a dream, must have been due to watching the spiderman 3 trailer last night (which is amazing).
I was wearing the Black suit, I remember looking around for a bit, saved a person from a car, then everyone gathered around me. I then jumped straight up to a roof where I surveyed the rooftops. So I ran using my parkour skills then if i couldnt reach I was like "wait! Im spiderman", pulled the pose and the web flew out of my wrist and I swang to where I needed. Swang from a few dock cranes gliding over the water while swinging.
I then came down to the ground behind some metal cargo holds along the docks. Took my mask off and looked at my suit. The webbing was black and shiny and the suit was pretty much the same as the movies. It looked amazing! Then a "chinese family" came by, a mother, father and child. I quickly put my mask back on to hide my face.
The Chinaman shook my hand while the Woman was talking to me, he shook my hand but pricked my finger with a needle of some disription, I tired to ignore it but was afraid of what It could mean, I edged backwards. This was no family.... They wanted something.
I climbed down the edge of the concrete sea wall but the guy was persistant, I jumped up high but the Chinaman was still there, I ran and ran, but his voice followed me. I asked him what he wanted, he said he wanted me to act, to stage shows with my abilities. This was while I was ssticking to a tall buildings side.
I awoke.
Being spiderman was amazing, god knows if the dream MEANS anything, but it was the best, being able to move that way and do those things and see it!

Archived from an old source - Day out training with friends.

09 July 01:04

Thursday I was in London thanks to the "WorldWide Jam team", for an audition as a stunt double for a TV advert. I dont know when I'll know if I got it, so there, but afterwards, travelling around London with Danny Ilabaca, who travelled down from liverpool street, gave me a lot more than I expected.
We did a fair bit around London, main first place was as area around "Tower 42" where we had a meeting.
Up in Gary Rhodes' restaurant, we (myself, Prozac, Brad, Dredd, Danny, Chris and brad), admiring the rooftops from a height, talking about movement, parkour and the universe, there were some VERY deep thoughts going on, and I was amazed to see Danny's perceptions of movement, what he does and what we (traceurs) are doing.
From there we went down around "Tower 42"s ground, lots to do, and having never seen Danny in action before, I was shocked. He had an up most confidence in his own abilities, seemingly no doubt, or fear, just high level of ability, dedication and precision to each and every movement.
An example being a rail, I thought it looked really dusty, I asked if he wanted to check it before he went for the precision jump over the 30ft drop. He went for it, he may have checked it slightly, but ti be THAT sure your YOUR own abilities was truly inspiring. He also went for a dropped precision jump and kept going for it until he nailed it without falling. I do practice repetition and will try to nail movements dead n if I am not happy with them, nice to see him do it too.
We then moved onto the newly ruined "Leap Of Faith" area, the razor spikes around the edges are a strong deterrent but are not a permanent stopper. We trained around the area for a good while, I was impressed with Danny's turnvault into an underbar through the top bar of the rails in the area, MAD!
As we progressed around London, just talking about things, I was interested to find out his views and types of "training". I'm always keen to hear other peoples ideas in order to better my own methods. He said he trained everyday, I found it hard to believe, but imagine what advancements could be made with that much training. Admittedly 6 years of "parkour" and a lifetime of movement will give a huge advantage, but I now know that I can do more than I have been, I can push harder than I have ever done before, if I want to.
You know what? I do.
By the end of the day, we wound up at The southbank area, around Waterloo. Brad took us round to an area that isnt usually open to the public over weekends. We dumped our bags off and hid them down on some stoney area so they were safe. Myself and prozac went off to "explore".We went up, level by level of the SB centre. Prozac found a way up to the top, we were at the area of "Sebastien's" JL and JB handstand from the rails. Myself and Prozac chased down and found Brad and Dredd. We got Danny and Chris to come with, we were all up the top level, admiring the view, Danny could resist, controlled, he guiding himself up and was doing the handstand that Foucan had done years before, seeing it for real was an awe inspiring sight.
We then discovered to levels below ours, on two balconies. We went for it, turn vaults to down, parkour and efficiency. Seeing us all going together was a great feeling, running from where we were, i felt invigorated.
My most important lesson was learned around the old "Shell centre", luckily were were able to train at the "old ground" for a while before were were moved on. May well be our last time before it is knocked down. We then moved over the other side by the garden area, balancing along the concrete ledge, Danny suggested I play around with it and make it harder.
I realise I only really practice pure balance, not mixing it up or changing the situation of the balance. Mixing twists, heights and small jumps while balancing will increase competence and confidence on balance and more importantly, my own abilities and skills.
Focus on what you are doing is key. The day was a great day, seeing a lot of new stuff and a lot of new opportunities within movement; I wish to learn all I can, to progress and to better myself and my personal development irrespective of any arguments. I practice parkour and enjoy movement. I will do so. Mix up what you do, remain focused on what you are doing, concentrate hard and you will succeed.
Barriers and blocks are there to be beaten. Focus and achieve.