Friday, August 18, 2006

Archive - Spiderman dream

4th of July.

Well, happy 4th of July any Americans, I was wished it today by Sallo in MXO so I'll pass it on here.
Woke up this morning buzzing!
I was spiderman!!!
Had a dream, must have been due to watching the spiderman 3 trailer last night (which is amazing).
I was wearing the Black suit, I remember looking around for a bit, saved a person from a car, then everyone gathered around me. I then jumped straight up to a roof where I surveyed the rooftops. So I ran using my parkour skills then if i couldnt reach I was like "wait! Im spiderman", pulled the pose and the web flew out of my wrist and I swang to where I needed. Swang from a few dock cranes gliding over the water while swinging.
I then came down to the ground behind some metal cargo holds along the docks. Took my mask off and looked at my suit. The webbing was black and shiny and the suit was pretty much the same as the movies. It looked amazing! Then a "chinese family" came by, a mother, father and child. I quickly put my mask back on to hide my face.
The Chinaman shook my hand while the Woman was talking to me, he shook my hand but pricked my finger with a needle of some disription, I tired to ignore it but was afraid of what It could mean, I edged backwards. This was no family.... They wanted something.
I climbed down the edge of the concrete sea wall but the guy was persistant, I jumped up high but the Chinaman was still there, I ran and ran, but his voice followed me. I asked him what he wanted, he said he wanted me to act, to stage shows with my abilities. This was while I was ssticking to a tall buildings side.
I awoke.
Being spiderman was amazing, god knows if the dream MEANS anything, but it was the best, being able to move that way and do those things and see it!

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