Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Heh, strange.

Been taking a few days out to rest as I've been over doing the training a wee bit.

Just found a pretty funny site that will compare your face to that of a database of celebrities, so... Any stunt coreogrephers, please take heed, I look like these people:

Weird huh?

Anyways, been working at the Kid's club again today, was good fun getting chased around, good training :-).

Gonna make a few phone call tomorrow, and, oh. My WWJ profile us up :-) found HERE


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Anonymous said...

i'll keep commenting you here and on myspace until you comment me back.. some time.
That face-thing sounds funny.
I'm in english-class now and our classtrip will be to london. In like.. one or two years. lol.
However, weather sucks over here in germany