Sunday, September 10, 2006

1. Just a thought. 2. Training.

1. Just thinking about all the Crazy things I've seen through my life.

In no particular order, just how I think about them

- Mobile phones, turn from microwaves with an arial, to colour screens and music phones.
- Fire-ant (best game ever) and the commadore 64, to a PC and Playstation. (PS3 will pwn)
- Two aeroplanes fly into two towers, killing hundreds.
- Bombs exploding around London, underground and busses.
- The England football team.
- My Dad having pipes stuck in him and now fine having suriving cancer.
- The "Gameboy" to the PSP.
- CGI in films almost as real as real things (Lotr)
- The millenium Dome a place for tourism to a skatepark and now God knows.
- A Man crack his head open.

Meh just a few things that are quite shocking I guess that have happeneed through my lifetime. Im not saying they are all on the same level, I suppose I'm just thinking about 9/11 stuff and July 7th stuff as its being PLASTERED all over the damn TV again, makes me sick really,
YES it has happened
YES it was terrible
YES we shoudl remember it,
But there is NO reason to show it over and over again to scare everyone into believing that we are always in trouble and we'd better do what the governemnt says otherwise we'll all die, it's V for vendetta but happening NOW and on YOUR TV's. Don't believe it all.

2. Me, now my "rant" is over :-P

Was out training on Thursday, was pretty cold, and too be honest I'm looking forward to winter and training, running to keep warm, let alone the rest of parkour movements etc :-).

Thursday was REALLY nice, myself Paula nd Cutley, hit the usual spots aswell as some newer areas we hadn't really trained before. I was working on Control that day, as oposed to standing up like anormal preciion, crouch to an appropriate height to look at the landing area. When you stand, you have the height of your body to give you the hight of the jump, which in essence, creates more force. I was croauching in order to only push off and use more of my arms than legs to use ONLY the amount of energy needed for the jump, raw precision efficiency :-). Was able to hold and fully land some pretty large precisions, so my control is improving.

Sunday: Was training today aswell, only expected about 3 people and loads came which was a nice suprise, everyone moving around which was good to see. I controlled the precision at the train station first time which was pretty nice to be far, the training from Thursday paid off.
We moved onto different areas, I did a fair bit of handstand practice, getting better I'll say.
New Lache found at the main Civic Centre tree! angled and nice for le flow, seeing new opportunities again. Drilling alot of clmibing today, climb ups, the custom and exise wall was fun, weird climbing wall thing. Ladder pull ups, hot weather, little but sunburnt, but I had fun, and im tired, Good training.

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