Sunday, September 17, 2006

17th September - Gym. - Learning IS fun.

Was invited to a good old gym with Mr Brad Wendes, to have fun with Luke, Prozac, Gav (who now has hair! I hadn't seen him in an age), Spike and a few other people's. Seemings I hadn't been to this gym or a gym like this for a few years, I made the most of it, Luke arraved and we got running around in a circut for a Parkour warm up, all around the gym, which was GREAT fun.

I don't actually practice much/many flip outside anymore so I figured I should, to keep them fresh in my mind and practice while I have the opportunity to. After some vaults and front flips over some blocks, and watching GAV do same REALLY strange four legged run, which he can do faster than running (silly man), we moved to the pits. First of all I wanted to learn a swing flip thing, where you swift on a bar, let go at the peak of the forward momentum and roll over backwards; forwards. Didn't record it but it was good fun. And then of course was the one flip I'd been REALLY thinking about, "THE GAINER" (Look at the word dripping in blood! oooOOoo)

I watched LUke practice for a while and I was pretty sure I could get them, he gave me a few tips, and I went for it, fist time I got the rotation and landed on all fours, then it was a matter of playing with the height increase, and gain on the distance, as well as working on the tuck etc. Going through the movements in my head, rehersing what I had to do with my body and when. I find It really does help, if anyone wants to ask about mental prep and rehersal then ask me, happy to help you understand it (good old A level PE eh?).

Anywas, PRACTICE and PRACTICE later, Ive been nailing some nice ones, landing well etc so I was pleased, two brand new things learnt in one day, good fun, obviously still need practice, as with any movment.

I've been a bit lazy of late, but today was another kick, a bit of inspiration watching, the recovering brad doing some INSANE stuff as well as Gav who is little but FULL of power and crazy gymnatsics! Good to see both Gav and Brad recovering from serious injuries and persuing what they love, go guys!

Prozac astounded everyone again with some HUGE vaults which were to much to comprehend, let alone bloody write! I cant describe it!

We'd finished up, and Prozac executed a SDC over a car ( big deal been done right?) ........................ LONG WAYS. Some of us have this rare footage, we might even show you, up to him i guess :-P.

Anyways, learnt something new, and was a real mental challenge which was a great thing to overcome, I struggled and acieved.

Enjoy, tour has been moved back, got a meeting in a few weeks, can't wait! will be an amzing experience, even though I'll be travelling on my Birthday and not seeing Charlotte for a while :-(. Alas.


Ben Moore said...

Hey dude just had a little read for todays entry.... nice to hear you had such a good time... i wasnt invited grrrr! Heh not that I would have been able to attend anyway due to tae kwon do gradings (piece of cake by the way).

You will have to show me this footage of prozac and a demo of gavs amazing quad movement ^_^

Cant say im a fan of flippage in the slightest but Im happy that you have achieved something youve wanted for a while :)

Take care dude,


Narrakan said...

Like Ben said, good to hear you achieved it.
Nice jump, by the way. ;)

jin said...

wicked stuff man, nice one on the gainers, they really are just a back somi jumping forward a bit, anyways cool shit bro keep it up !

Teige said...

Nice gainer, sounds like you had a good day.
Gah Prozac is bionic, please show the footaaaage.