Monday, September 11, 2006

Training this evening, and pics form Sunday

Charlie from Le Hockley called me, "want to come out?". Seemings I was at home doing jack shit sitting on my ass all day; I said yes. I started running from the parade of shops nearby and Charlie and Pat jumped off the bus and joined in which was pretty funny I guess. Ran to the warm up spot, where matt already was, and we did just that; warming up, moving around, trying new things, just moving, I was pretty tired from yesterday but I lossened up, stretched hard, then we moved to the grass oppositte the train station practicing handstands. the of course, moved onto the rails over the road for foot placement, bollard hopping and rail precisions. then up and over the train staion climbing on a wall edge nearby, then to the freght house for some well mannered conditioning, good seeing Matt ad Charlie, understanding the importance of conditioning and happily doing it.

It is So important to condition and strengthen in the early stages of parkour.

Got a few more details about the tour and parkour/movement work etc, so that will be cool, looks like I'm going to be AWAY for my Birthday, first time ever, and it's gonna be strange. I guess, thats growing up, 19, *shudder*. Still, really looking forward to travel, and practice in some, what I am sure will be, some amazing places.

Got some pictures from Phil ("Wookie") that he took on Sunday. I really like them, so a BIG thank you to Phil. :-D

Well done Phil. If you wish to use the pictures, please ask.

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