Saturday, October 14, 2006

14th October, Tourness to come

Dates are pretty much final we leave on the Tuesday but I have to be in Chelmsford on monday to leave early tuesday. (boo earlyness!)

The up to Derby, and up to Glasgow, ca't wait, will be fun to see if i can survive on what little money I have until I get paid, so; rad! (Or as Wendes would say "radical radical radical")

For some of the pictures from those photoshoots check out my myspace profile at

Yesterday I was with Charlotte before I go away, gonna miss not seeing her, but we will be stronger after. Thank you for an amazing day Charlotte, Love you. x

I'll post before I go away i think with Dates, so if anyone is at those Uni's you can see us.

PS. I am growing my hair long after having a good old chat with paul ages agao, I figured might aswell see what happens.

me so far.

Brad -

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