Saturday, October 07, 2006

6th and 7th of October, 19 years Of Brad Moss

Yup, and they said It could never be done! :-P
19 years old today and in all, been a nice couple of days.

Firstly was looking forward to Charlotte staying for my Birthday on Saturday (Fri night).
Secondly, woke up Friday to being told there were two shoots in Lodnon I was asked to help out with (even though it was only a few hours in advance).
And thirdly, no work, as I was supposed to be on tour already.

Free weekend! woo!

Anyways, Friday morning, get up and ready asap, after talking to Charlotte and letting her know to meet me in London. So I was supposed to meet Brad, Prozac, Kerbie and Andrew in London then the photogrophers, just got in the train and Brad phoned again giving me the Lowdown.

Waiting for the train^^^

Half way to London, Brad phoned to say that he couldnt make it, which was a shame, silly man.

Got to Liverpool street where me and Prozac waitined for a while, John (Kerbie) turned up and pleasentries were exchanged, then photgrapher number one, John, and Martin Klipp, a journalist and such. We waited a while for Andrew, but ran off to get a few pics taken, I found a tny little allyway which we explored and found an interesting area, I didnt want to climb it but John and Prozac were straight up there. We got moved on sharpish and Andrew phoned wondering where we were, so we all headed back to Liverpool street where we met Andrew and on the way my missus Charlotte.

Headed to tower 42 but it was rather wet, regardless, Kerbie did some flippage over a sign alot, for lots of angles and such, then some vaults before we got moved on.

We then headed off to the only other Dry Place we knew of as it was TERRIBLE wet, rainy weather, and to the scaffolding we trained on a few weeks back, we spent a large amount of time there.

Lots of shots were taken, talking was done, as was alot of movement experimenting.

Time was up and it was time for shoot number 2! back to Liverpool street where we had fun trying to find the Finnish reporter and photographer. Kerbie had left, so it was me and Prozac for the shoot, whre we were outside liverpool street had a ledge with an increasing drop, but to our suprise the ledge was grippy, even in the rain and wetness! The rain stopped, the sun came out, but through the wet ground I felt energised, kept moving, reinspired, doing vaults for the photographer etc. I was then interviewed, but unfortunatly Prozac had to go, so she asked me lots of questions, talking about Parkour and the benefits it brings to lives, really inspired me again, I've been in a bit of a rut recently, but Im back.

EDIT* (Just realised I said nothing about ym birthday! dah!)

Woke up, watched Char sleep, layed in for a while, got up, checked mails, decided what to do, opened some cards, thangs to those who gave me cards etc. Charlottte got me V for Vendetta on DVD aswell as the tour tickets etc so thank you baby!

Thought about seeing a film, decided against it, so we went shopping and browsing around Southend, nice relaxing day, playing with the waves on the beach, buying shtuff etc, got home, played some games, had a chinese with Charlotte and the family. Was getting pretty late and walked Charlotte to the station, always sad to say goodbye, but none the less, I'm never really letting her go :-).

London tommorrow to see the reporter and photographer again hopefully aswell as an awosme training day with the old guys.

Pictures to follow hopefully.

Oh yeah and the video from trianing in london the other week is here below :-)


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