Wednesday, November 08, 2006

8th / 18th November, about bloody time says I ! The Tour

Been a while it has!

I have been on tour with Brad Wendes, Luke , Amy, Prozac, Daniel , Chris , Martin, on behalf of Samsung, advertising the new Samsung K5 Mp3 player (lovely bits of kit!).

It's been a long few weeks! Pictures are to follow and I'm going to have a tiny little write up of the events.

We departed for Derby to pick up the van, so Brad and Prozac drove myself, Amy, and newly 21 and half drunk Luke.

We got to Derby picked up the van and drove up to Liverpool to pick up Danny and Chris and as we found Maximo to drive! (Legend!)

We got to Danny's area, and scoped the Pavilion in the middle of the field, me and Luke got out and ran to it, it was huge and weird and srange and beautiful, full of life and depth. The van drove off to where Danny lived so we ran over to say hello and were invited in as the weather was poor and raining. But the Ilabaca household made us feel very welcome.

From there, Mx took the driving seat, and got us all the way up to Glasgow.
The venue wasnt great and Glasweigens werent very nice people to talk to, snappy and irate. SO I dont want to talk to anyone in Scotland again.

We got out of that Country As Soon As Possible!

To Newcastle, and MY GOD! Amazing amazing amazing, the University campus area was fantastic and the people there were really friendly and enthusistic. (Shout out to all the women dressed as cowgirls egging us on! :-P).

We were struggling to get going for it, we had to make a big impression, Martin pushed as all and got us moving, and we got going, and going good, talking to lots and doing lots of great stuff. Getting big crowds and doing our jobs!

That was us done for the end of week one, we stayed outside Dan's for the weekend as Manchester wasnt far. We had a great weekend of learning and training. The area was fantastic, good hard tough training, Brad was back in London with Amy at this time.

Not going to write much but a breif summery is thus.

In all we visited Manchester, good fun, got in trouble (*cough* Prozac), myself and Daniel did alot of training together and some fear training and big climbs, really pushing ourselves and helping each other which was really good.

Then off to sheffield, Danny was doing another Job and so he had the talented Martin with us, and he was doing awsomeness! kicked off the bigger Demo and went awsome. My elbows where in alot of pain and I felt generally bad, so I was filming which was fun, Jin turned up later on, good to see him and we did much things. Sheffield = the bomb for Parkour.

From Sheffield we headed to birmingham, had a good climb, Danny almost fell.

Derby, open day at the Uni, lots of people, the bar was awsome, lots to do-ness, good reaction and interest from the Students.

Then onwards to Hertfordshire twas Halloween. Brilliant place to train and nice people. The staff, "Yeah, you can go on the roofs around the Student Union area, its no problem". We roof it to the far side of the University then climb their new couple of million pound media building. And back to the SU area. "Can you not go that far please, its okay but not again or youll have to leave".

Was good fun!

Then we were off to Southampton, lovely place nice people. Then from there after the demos, I got my stuff together and caught the train back to London with Martin and Luke, then bye to Martin and back home.

Thats pretty much the tour. apart form the extra days and final days at Brunell which I'll write about in a bit.

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TraceurZeno said...

Not all Glasgwegians or Scottish are bad people...

It is like any place you have good and bad people.

Anyway, I hope all is going well with your training, not long until the summer man.