Tuesday, December 19, 2006

19th December. Update, Erith Mrk 2, aching and xmas.

Well, Saturday i worked, Sunday, Erith Gym session number two, a bit freer and laid back as it's amost Christmas (hurrah!). Went well but, even to my suprise turned into me just going mad on some new movements for a few hours constantly. (damn you Cord and Bobby, and Gav, and my weak sesne of self apparently!)

I felt like I could do a running gainer on flat, put a small matt down, went and made it. It was strange to finally do it, I felt like I could have months ago at the jetty in southend but I hadnt the belief that I could, doubt overweight it.

I'll quote Brad on this as he said "It's better to know that you could have done it back then and do it later then sitting in hospital wishing you didnt." (Brad Wendes 18th Decemeber 06)

Anyways after practicing these gainers, Cord showed me a slight variation with a twist which was a kick the moon, I worked on it a few times and got them.

I am pleased with this movement, it is a completely new type of movement for me and the shire speed in which I have made this pleases me. I felt like I can do it, and I did it, Belief in key. To quote a nike advertisement "0.1% of self doubt is too much".

It's Tuesday now, and I still ache, I havnt pushed the limits of my body like that for sometime, and this is the real start of my strenght training, i have been talking alot about it to some closer friends, but I will be cutting down the "Parkour" and really concentrating on my body and getting stronger and tougher. I have alot to learn and want to find what I am looking for. I know i need to be stronger and I hope through training I can find the understanding which i am striving for.

Few thanks for the year, Charlotte, being an amazing person and beautiful loving girlfriend. Brad Wendes, for all the opportunities and being a really good friend. Danny and Martin, for teaching me an awful lot and helping me to understand my own beliefs in movement. Cutley, for being there and alongside helping me achieve my goals. Cord (Julian), havent known you for long, but I'm glad to have met you. Bobby, the talk tonight was refreshing and lets see what the new year brings.

Everyone I have met and/or spoke with, I thank you for being you.

If I don't speak to people yet you read this blog, have a good Christmas and a great new year!



Saturday, December 09, 2006

Photoshoot for Image Library.

Well work let me swap to work Sunday of which I must go to work in..... 10:30 hours.... yeay. But I was at a photoshoot today with Christopher Sims and Corbis Image Library, for some clothing ranges/fashion/action and head shots. here is us at the end of a hard days shooting!

It's a wrap.

Images to follow.


Late tour photos.

Phone decided to work finally.

Photo's from Samsung Tour.

Training/Tricking in Glasgow.

Danny Ilabaca, Ski champ in TKMAXX Newcastle

"Tour bus" ?

Danny coming "out of the closet"

swift-freedom is expanding.... (joke).

Meh, still awaiting footage form Chris, alas.


Wednesday, December 06, 2006