Thursday, December 27, 2007

I think therefore I am frustrated - Ashley Cutmore

I think therefore I am frustrated - Ashley Cutmore

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

11th December: Untitled.

Life and current thoughts/doings

Been doing an awful lot of reading recently, varying topics, and developing my beliefs and mentality through reading and adapting many aspects into my life training.

Been doing a fair amount of reading on Bruce Lee and his training methods over the past few weeks. As was pointed out by the Author of the book and Mr Wayland during a big old chat, his methods were used 40 odd years ago, and so, more advanced and effective methods of training the body with the further understanding and incorperation of science and physiology are implemented making some of his methods less effective to todays standards. I've not been reading stories, and myths about him, but facts brought forth by a devotee of Lee and from records he, himself took while training produced to the writer by Linda Lee Cadwell.

He hit a period in his already extensive training in various MA styles, where he was too slow, too un-conditioned, and being the personality he seemed to be, possibly much like some 'Traceurs' or individuals who aim to train their bodies, knew things needed to be done to make his movements more effective and to make his fitness
much better. He researched Everything avaialable at the time (books, magazines, articles etc), tested things out, rejected the useless and adapted/adopted what was effective for his training. With all this said he did great things at the time of his life, and we should take admiration for Bruce and figures like him who aimed to better themselves physically, mentally and spiritually.

However regardless of possibly now outdated methods, we can still learn a great deal from the man, who could have been, at his time at least one of the greatest physical athletes and human beings around. He intergrated supplementary weights training, isometric training, and cardio, along with his MA training in order to better himself and make himself as good as he could be. His concept of 'Jeet Kune Do' was incredibly important also, finding flaws and weaknesses in learnt techniques and styles, and therefore in his own life and movements, and seeked the ways to overcome them and better them, to better himself not merely as a Martial Artist but a Human Being.

It's one and the same goal. Regardless of the direction of physical disciplines, the
destination is the same, up the mountain path in life, hitting our goals along the way but constantly striving forwards, upwards, and aiming nothing but bettering and perfecting ourselves in whatever we should chose to do.

My opinions in what it is I do have changed and I am learning more and more as each day passes. Life is a learning experience, the world around us is the school, the training ground. We shouldn't care or rather, worry too much about what it is or isn't that we do or practice. Definition in terms of our chosen directions, 'hobbies' or disciplines are nice to have, but shouldn't be put at the cost of the direction and journey, the importance is through the general and consistant direction, moving onwards and bettering ourselves through, learning from our experiences, 'teachers', and lives.

[more Parkour and Life orientated part of this post]

"All knowledge ultimatly leads to self-knowledge" - Bruce Lee.

Our lives aren't easy at times and for those of us wishing to rise up and better ourselves, life shouldn't be easy. If we take the easy route, we are merely sliding down the mountain rather than heading in the direction we should aspire to, unfortunatly, too many people today do this, taking the easier options as much as possible. If we take the difficult and tackle it with all our courage and all our heart whether we 'succeed' in the goal or not, we are succeeding in our battles for self achivement.

"I do not pray for a lighter load, but for a stronger back." - Philip Brooks.

I practice what I do in order to better myself, I wish to be strong, I wish to be able. These goals are
always moving, In different directions along the way; onwards and upwards and, according to different interpretions depending on where we our in our journeys.
Perfection is not a goal or a destination, as it is unatainable, my only real destination in life is death, but I wish to face my life with heart, and love and faith, to help other people and better myself towards the aspiration, or perfection along my path through life.


As promised, a little something from my writings on "The Spirit of Parkour".

('The Spirit of Parkour' was the original title of my work, however it's relevance to it may be questionable in some peoples opinions, it has helped me realise a great many things and I hope my words may help you in your journey).

"Experience within Parkour" [or other movement areas]

Experience is important and starts from birth, and is a process of life, learning from what is around us, and inside us, through conscious and subconscious thought, and through the natural process of the mind, remembering and creating memories of lived experiences. Through conscious thought and effort we can understand these experiences, and use them to benefit us on many different levels; spiritually, morally, practically and on other aspects of training within ones' life.

Parkour and life adopts these principles as a part of everyday life, using these experiences within our lives as lessons, in which we can learn and grow from, bettering ourselves and moving onwards 'up the mountain path' (I love the mountain anology if you didn't notice :-p).

In specific relation to Parkour, experience plays a large role on the conscious and subconscious actions we have, are, and may take while practicing and moving. For example, a new arm jump situation to you, roughly a 6ft gap, and standing at the edge of the wall take off, the landing ledge comes up to around chest height.
--The Arm jump movement is within your ability. How do you know this? (Obviously, if at that ability currently).

Past experiences flash into our minds, thinking of Arm Jumps previously practiced or seen, many at first are in our mind from our (hopefully) vast experience practicing, then our minds eliminate those which do not match the criteria, of distance and height, or prehaps making the whole environement up in our minds.
Past experience allows us to make calculated decisions based on past decisions, choices, events, and their outcomes, whether they were productive or unproductive, or; of course, the shades of grey in between those two factors.

Again, using the example of the above described Arm Jump. This may have been practiced 2 minutes, 2 weeks or 2 years ago, in [insert location here]. When practicing the movement we take conscious and subconscious information about the movement, both small and large lessons being learnt singularly or at the same time, this could include, as an example, how the [landing] wall looked and felt, how the shoe type you are wearing (if any) reacted, did it slip, grip too much?, what kind of strain the size of the Arm Jump put on your arms and body.... The list goes on...

The important lesson to take from this is understanding and focusing your attention on certain areas of the movement in order to take in as much detailed information through the whole movement, feeling through all senses and taking in as much
useful information as possible to make a more informed; safe, and effective decisions on future practices, and disregarding the information which, in all probability, will not make a difference to your movement. Of course, to be aware is a vital skill when practicing in the uncontrolable world around us. Yes, the bird sitting nearby could fly up and get in your way while executing a movement, so be aware and ready if that should happen, but the woman 50 meters away watching you, smoking a ciggeratte during her lunch break, with blonde hair and pink shoes etc; probably won't make that much difference in the movement which may happen in only a few moments. Use selective attention to enable what you should be aware of and what can be put aside in your field of awareness (this is discussed in the Process of movement in an earlier blog [LINK HERE]).

As someone who aims to be useful, what we take in should enrich and benefit us, leading to future benefits and progression. Different amounts of focus and areas of attention should be employed for whatever areas you personally wish to improve and learn on, maybe landings, take offs, or any vast variables of the movement or within life.

For beginners you should repeat many times and take in as much information as possible, with time and practice you can eliminate areas you find not to be useful in
your individual training. All of this contributes to aid possible future situations and movements.

A Warning: Please Bear in mind that although past experience CAN be a valuable tool in your training, do not solely rely on it. To do so is complacent and may lead to serious injury or a poor decision in life.

In Summary:

Use the movements in everyday life to learn from and grow from, whether it be walking up the stairs, or making a new precision jump. The information we can consciously take in, through selective attention, and subconsciously attain through the senses, and kineasthesis, can and will naturally be used to judge and react to future situations through practice and life. With conscious thought on these natural processes, we can make great leaps forward (no pun intended) in the areas or sensitivity, mental, physical and spatial awareness, posture and general understanding of who we are and what the important factors around us are, to incorperate and improve on to make us better people, Traceurs or whatever you all yourself.


I hope this helps, as ever if there's an area you don't understand please comment and I'll try to answer any questions or if you want to input on it, or just want to leave a comment, please do.

Take care on your journeys! Merry Christmas.


Monday, November 12, 2007

23rd November - Portugal and a 'change of scenery'

Hello all! Just a post to update where I am atm, and what I've been up to.

I've been training hard as per usual, working a lot on Handstands since my last blog post and it's paid dividends, they are holding more often and gaining a lot more confidence balancing on my hands. BUT when in Portugal I fooked my wrist up, so any pushing pressure aggrivates it greatly, so again, my handstands are sucking :-(, win some lose some. heh

Portugal for CAT.

Myself, Brad Wendes and Ashley Holland were booked to perform over in Portugal. We left on Saturday 3rd November. and arrived in Portugal int he early evening.

We went out exploring around 7:30pm-ish, around the entire grounds, was initially exploring but soon turned into climbing/MN/Parkour and being VERY excited about the Surrounding areas which were AMAZING for Parkour, training and playing.

We were up and about till late discussing what makes a good shoe till around 0:30 when we got off to bed for an adventurous Sunday.

We weren't scheduled till late afternoon to reherse a demonstration around the catwalk and thus we went on an explore around the grounds seeing where's good and being generally amazed at the views that surrounded.

Went to the rehersal, and rehersed? Dah, lol, I fell on my back, and lovelry people got me a massage to fix it, was an AMAZING hour long sesh. Came back spaced out, form the massage, got on with rehersals got it sorted in a solid half an hour and I got off to my room asap after chatting with peeps for a bath to relax my muscles and sleep for the day that entailed the next day.

(The fall actually did a lot more damage to my wrist than i knew at the time, I'm currently awaiting Xray results to see what's wrong with it)

Monday, had breakfast, brief rehersal and last minute checks, and then waited round nthe back while models were getting changed and we were waiting to go on :-P.

The show all went well and to celebrate we went to the pool before we had to do an outdoor afternoon session. Was a pretty relaxed day and we put our all into the perfomances!

Monday night was a huge chill out night, we had a huge dinner with everyone who was over at the expo, then ate at the bar etc, was a cool but very long night thanks to Ash and brad lol. Generally over the trip I'd had a chance to sort my head out and work out where I'm heading.

Now for a change of scenery.

Whenever I seem to write stuff now, it takes days, and involves rambling that doesn;t really help anyone or make a difference.

I'm going to stop writing here and from now on, hopefully posts will be constructive and hopefully there to help you as well as a few SAMLL ones to keep track of where I am at the moment.

Next blog WILL have some of the writings from my book, discussing the spirit of parkour and to me, what Parkour involves.

New start.

Injuries and little things happen in life which can, if your awareness is open, make you realise a great many things and what's important in life.


Monday, October 15, 2007

15th October - Preperation for Movement.

The following is a little piece I wrote after training with a guy new to Parkour, I went through my thoughts before trying a movement I had not executed before, after, I decided to get my thoughts on Paper to share with you, as I feel they may help you through your training.

Training and Preparation for Movement.

Using basic psychological techniques within your training to overcome obstacles and the mental blocks surrounding them.

Thought Processes

When you come across a new situation through Parkour training (namely applying previously practiced movements to a new or different situation); effective mental processing is important, to eliminate certain fears about the movement and to gain the confidence to commit to a movement you know and feel to be within your ability but the mind is holding you back.


Put simply you will learn very little from the latter, you would not be understanding the movement nor 'listening' to your body, whereas pacing yourself through discipline and choice, means that when you are certain from similar experiences/movements, that you can make it, then you'll learn a lot more, and would have overcome something more important than the movement itself.

[Those who are there and in that mindset, can hopefully understand this point already, those who aren't at that level keep training safely and time will bring the insight.]

General Rules before executing the given movement.

1. -Worst Case Scenario- -

By assessing the mistakes that could be made we can realistically see potential threats/falls and before going through the movement and work on ways both physically and mentally to prepare and land safely from the failed movement if (in what should be an unlikely event), we are to make a mistake.

2. -Positive Outcomes-

Visualising and if possible, slowly rehearsing the movement in a controlled manner. This triggers the nervous system and to-be used muscles in to a state of readiness specifically for the movement to follow.

3. -Concentration-

Focus attention on what you have to do and accomplish, in order to execute the movement effectively and safely. Block out the factors that shouldn't affect your performance and, importantly, be aware of other realistic factors that could be a danger or could interfere with the movement, such as birds, people, falling leaves, sticks etc.

4. -Last Minute checks-

The preparation phase before movement. Preparing hands, feet, and other used body parts for the movement to come (making sure hands are grippy and not sweaty, feet/shoes are good and ready for potential impacts etc).

Focus on where you are heading. Switching between visualising the movement and working out and adapting continually to where your hands will be going/being placed, where your feet are going (taking off and landing, tic-tac etc), what position your body will be in and how the movement should feel from past and similar experiences.

When you are ready and committed, execute!

The mind plays a key role over understanding current physical ability/readiness. Hopefully these techniques and thoughts before a given movement will help you in your training.


My training, after this rather intensive year of training and conditioning, I am starting to put a little more faith in my abbilities, something has changed and I now have an understanding or insight of what I am capable of, there's more footage to come of things I;ve been training of late, only phone clips probably, but they'll be added on the player above.

Any questions or please comment and ask away.

"Those who believe they can and those who believe they can't, are both right" - Henry Ford


Monday, October 08, 2007

20th Birthday - 7th october.

Well I'm 20 now, Had a meal with my immediate family on the Saturday night (6th) and then Sunday was my Birthday Huzzah!

Got up nice and early, and on the train for about 9:30, met Ben at Brentwood and continued to London. We wandered to the Park before I had to head back to Waterloo for a meeting with the BPCA committee. We discussed and spent 4 hours getting things done and where we're headed and then wandered out to train.

We train around the Eye, the park and the walls for a while to get warmed up, however, although i was moving it wasn't me, couldn't focus properly.

Regardless, it was a nice day of moving, with people I haven't seen or trained with in a while or ever including Sticky, Jungle and others whos names I didn't catch, cheers guys.

Regardless of people and practices everyone was out and it was a really friendly day, everyone was united through movement an that's a great thing in a world of conflict.

Just want to thank all for the Birthday wishes left via texts, calls, cards and messages.

Posts, coming soon discussing the Spirit of parkour and aspects of the discipline practice.


Monday, August 06, 2007

7th August. - Sept 18th: HUB 07, Trace '07, Training, Thoughts

**Edit, this I started writing in August, finished on Sept 18th - I know it's long I'm sorry but hopefully the latter will help you.**

Well well well! August now! Pretty scary to be honest. 4 months to Christmas and the end of another year, time really does fly!

Anyways, what have I been up to?

HUB 2007.

Big old festival in Liverpool, HUB Urban Youth Festival. Was a huge event, myself Ashley Holland, Ryan Robinson and Stuart Palmer, Martin Tucker and Danny Ilabaca were on the roster with guest apprences from Shaun Wood from Oz, Ryan Doyle and a plither of other locals from Liverpooowel.

Not gonna go into great details as it was a long time ago now, but the Saturday, although the grass was still wet, had a great turn out, the Sun came out, as did the Traceurs, plenty of people turned up, lots from leeds, to name a few Alistair, Hollie, Ben, AJ, Scott and peeps etc (sorry I'm bad with names). I had a word with the ST and thought it would be better to take them around the park to train as oposed to thr wet obstacles we had built, so we did just that, spent the day conditoning, training and working with what the world has provided for us.

I think everyone had a great day (except Hollie with a nasty little sprain) but considering the torrential rain the day before things went really well. Sunday wasn't a great day for the weather with showers on and off throughout the day, we managed a small workshop, and demonstrations with us using what we had around us, including training on barrells which was a great form of body mastery and working with moving, "awkward" obstacles.

Trace 2007

WOW! That was an amazing event. Before I say anything else, a HUUUUUUGE thank you to David and Jason who arranged, pretty much everything to do with the event. Second thanks goes to everyone who came, shared experiences/time and raised money for new foundations. £500+, everyone should be happy and it just goes to show the strength and unity through Parkour and true Traceurs from Europe, UK and the rest of the world who attended!

I left on the Monday, met Jason, Liv, Cable and Blake in London on the bus to Sheffield. That was a very long trip. When we were at Sheffiled we were greated by Dave and waited around the Town for Jin and Owen who were due to arrive.

There was a cream taxi and all the pigeons loved it for some reason... *shrugs*.

When everyone had arrived, aquainted and stocked up, and after checking out the very cool Decathlon store in Sheffield, we headed to Edale, Dave driving with our bags.

When we arrived we were greated with rolling hills, and our excitement.

So wowzer! We headed down to Padley Gorge that night to check out the area, and I was hit by how thick the air was, very moist and full, felt amazing and energizing given my tiredness. We got to the main rock area by the time the sun was about to set and it was amazing, we trained round there for a good while, headed back to camp and got an early night for the mad few days that would proceed!

The days went great, people turned up on the first day, we had games planned, Reps were on duty, (me and Owen had to go the the train station every half hour to guide happy campers etc) was a great day socialising and bonding between Traceurs, new guys, experienced guys, reps and people from other the globe.

Day two consisted of all Traceurs getting onto a tiny train and avoiding the ticket inspector by playing deaf and dumb. At the station we had a group warm up lead by Jason on a bridge, was amazing to see the sea of practitioners working hard.

Then it was a long walk up and down steep, rocky hills, we reached our meeting point at the main river area where we got into our respective groups, some stayed and others started the BIG old march to the peaks "nearby". I won't go into details but it was tiring and fun, and those who were there don't need to be told what happened.

Few pics.

Thanks to everyone for coming, and for bringing their own aspects and personalities to the event, and we all made a good difference helping out New Foundations, we really are making a difference over in Africa and we should continue to adopt the helping mentality into our everyday lives. Even helping one person may not be much, but think of the difference you can or make make to that one person.

On that note, May I turn your attention to this post on the forums, the story in the 2nd post down (mine) is a good lesson.

Vid I made late August, thank you Antony.
Movement training took up a lot of my time mainly because iif it's low impact movements, HOWEVER as you will read, not, when practiced prediminantly, beneficial to other aspects of Parkour.


Anyways, training currently is going well. I've had slumps, and problems but I know what I must do to rectify them. I;ve recently started my Assistant Youth Worker position for Connexions, so I'm helping the young people of the area on a different level but hopefully, I will be bringing the lessons and teachings of Parkour and the experiences it has brought me, into their lives and they can then use them to help others as well as themselves.

Parkour isn't just the movement, it's the mentality; the way you make choices in life. Life is the real discipline, hopefully I can explain this more in my future writings.


Sunday 16th Sept I visited Ben Moore in Brentwood.

Our last training session (In Rochford) explored the importance of instinctive training, being chased around a tree by Ben with a stick. Sounds funny, but it isn;t fight or flight kicks in, and after the initial giggle things go serious, moving around the tree in ways I havent moved after 3 years of using the tree. I noticed myself needing the time to plan a route from my movement training, insticitve and spontaneous training being neglected.

The lesson from this is to use training partners to make your training harder and reactive, having to double back, changing direction in order to react to another individual or group.

Sunday we were working with an area undercover which will be vital in progression over winter, as well as other interesting areas, the Parkour was good and there was a good vibe to the whole day. Much fun training with you again Ben! Lots of barefoot work, tag and a good general bonding sesh.

Monday, saw me training in Southend with Jimi (, currently living in the UK from Australia. Spent time with Jimi on various occasions including Trace 07, anyways we got to train Southend together. On my part it was a very nostalgic training showing areas I learnt techniques when I first began and trying to get across my views on technique and certain movements. It was a great day of training with progression from myself and definatly Jimi. We talked much of the spirit of Parkour and thoughts on the discipline which was amazing content. I wish you all the best on your return trip to Lisses and Aus, keep in touch bro!

I'll leave you with an apology of the lateness of the blog and I know it's a bit rambly and over the place but I did my best to keep it in date order.

Next blog should see extracts of my writings on the Spirit of Parkour.

Brad up to date on toughts and Brad Out. *radio static*

Please leave your comments and thoughts, thank you.

Bradley Moss

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Brad's Big Barefoot Ramble.

Decided to get out today for something different; I'm still working on toughening up my feet, so barfoot was a must, but I deceied to head to odd areas, nothing big ,just a long walk wherever it took me.

SO I packed my bag, and off I trecked! Head to Tinkers lane and head off towards the old Mill where my dad used to work.

Had a bit of an explore around the marshes and took a few pictures...

After a bit of climbing aroud this bridge I was on, I learnt my (well relearnt my first lesson of the day).

Watch your surroundings and footing.

Doesn't look like much on the photo but a rusty bit of metal sliced a thickish bit of skin off, wasnt big but a little bit deep. I cleaned it up and carried on regardless, feet heal quickly from my experience. SO onwards I went, headed towards the Rankings cricket ground, but wandered to the lake area first.

Was so nice to have to walk through untouched fields and the like, I watched the ducks and dragonflies but unfortunatly they eluded the camera!

By the cricket gorunds I found a big old tree and climbed it for a while, at this time the winds were quite strong I love being so high that the branches you are on actually sway with the wind, reminds me of the fact that trees are really living, and amazing natural structures. Climbing trees barefoot is so much fun.

And then, I walked and walked ad walked, all the way up the River Roach, as the tide was coming in, time for me to think about things, listen to the wind, and the water and the wildlife aorund me. I remember turning around and looking where I came from, I couldn't see any buildings, and I was taken away by the wind blowing in my face and the brightness of the clouds above me, a vast wide open space and it really woke me up to the world.

I carried on walking, the footpath eventually ended and I walked along a small road back down to stambridge. I walked along the road till I found another footpath, there were Swallows flying above the wheatfields so i sad down for a bit to watch and rest.

It started raining a little so I put on a jumper and roller my trousers down, and carried on until I got home.

I spent about 5 hours walking around, taking paths that probably haven't been taken for years.

Going to quote from my favourite author again.

"It's not the destination that brings happiness, it's the journey."

Hooray for natureness!


Saturday, May 19, 2007

21st of May - 26th July 2007 - Personal Development within Parkour

Well, gonna type and see where it goes, I've learnt so much recently I've got a lot in my head, gonna try and get it out as well as my thoughts to share with you and hopefully they will help you, or at least then see my view on things to incorperate it into you Training/Parkour/Life.

For the last few months my training has been down, not training as much or as hard as when I first did, merely because when you start you need to get strong to do certain movements. I remmeber when I first started training, I wasn't strong enough to climb up lik the people in all the videos I watched were, so I went home and did press ups and pull ups and kept working until I could. However, after the initial stregth gains to be 'strong enough' for Parkour, the movements I was practicing retained the strength and I continued to practice Parkour how I thought right. To clarify this to practice Parkour to me, within training, was drilling movements, working on combinations of movements for small 'runs' etc. Just the way it was, learning form having fun, doing technique, we knew nothing better, I knew nothing better.

Throughout my time practicing, I've learnt all sorts, travelled to many places and yes I have been progressing, predominanlty in technique and little bit in strength and what have you just from practicing and small bouts of a few months training regime, then stopping, I don't know why, I think it is predominantly due to impatientness as a teenager, do some exercises > see results > think you are done and leave it.

The Samsung Tour was a big learning experience for me, having trained with 9 different people for about a month, Danny taught me about movement training and "missions" and Parkour in life, Brad, I started learning more about diet, Prozac was great fun to train with and his amazing levitation powers, Luke, for making me laugh and his caring about having fun while out and about. The tour was a great experience as well as teaching at the first WWJ workshop in Lincoln, meeting a friendly and close scene training hard etc. I taught precisions and techniques I had developed through my time training.

Still regardless of all of this, making reasonably steady progression, I wasn't training how I should have, just how I think I should have, a few workshops later came to Decemeber and Xmas 2006. Now to be fair to myself I started working very hard, along with Oli, Elton and Mark, and the guys who condition hard around Southend, evening barefoot rock running at Shoebury East Beach, and barefoot stair running on Christmas eve in Southend! Dedication eh?

Christmas starting a chocolate and caffiene addiction and January, a difficulty to get back into training, I was training but not too hard. And then pretty sure it was the 15th of January first time Erith opened back up after Xmas - BANG/CRUNCH -

Side flip off of a horse into the covered foam area, like I had been doing all night perfectly, over rotated and heard nothing but a gristly pop/crunch and a thought that I had broken my ankle. The journey home wasn't nice and went for an X-ray the next day, they said it wasn't broken, btu I just knew it was a lot more serious than any sprain I've ever done before.

So lots of rest, and limping. I rushed back into my training and had a few little tweaks of it, and each time backing off more and more, resulting in lots of rest and reading. Eventually it was good enough to start running on so me and Chalrie ran about 2km down Ironwell Lane in the wet and rain. Was hard but defiatly worth it, we went exploring and for a long walk that day, was soooo nice to be outside and moving, albeit with a little pain. Morning in general were bad, used to wake up and having to stretch my ankle with walking and then it was okay for the day. Still getting better every day to this day.

Since retraining all I've been wearing until recently is Feiyue's. I've really found they have developped my touch and confidence in environments, as well as to avoid high impacts, been only focusing on low and small techniques to not put my ankle under too much stress.

Over the past few months, namely March onwards, I've been hit with the passion of learning and working hard, I read a book which awakened me to the world around me. In essence, everything we need to know and learn is in the world around us, so get outside, and learn something new. I've been a lot happier, and had a greater dedication to training, still regardless of this, I have felt regret on thing I have done/will be doing. My most recent regret being looking predominantly at my physical strength.

To rectifiy, I found using anger to my advantage in regards to strength training.
Climbing for example (Arm jump position), trying to get from one side of a wall to the other, climbing with raw determinism and persevernce, until my hands bled to make it to my goal. When you reach plateaus, you cn really see how week you/we are as individuals, and fills me with more drive and determinism.

With this, I still felt empty, and alone. Needing someone to help me out, help me along my path, learning errors in my way, how to live more fully, and TRULY Living. Weeks ago I stayed with Jason and Liv in Canterbury, training hard everyday, he showed me a lot in relation to raw determinism and how hard I should be pushing myself to become more than myself. It is obvious to see Jason has been working very hard, with strict conditioning and flexibility training, it is always a pleasure to see someone bettering themselves and becoming more and more confident with their body and skills, no matter which discipline they use to better themselves in.

In that sense that is why I feel Parkour is such an important discipline. It is personal and people bring their own qualities and thoughts into the discipline, it is open to any age, gender and ability. It is challenging on so many levels and you can always move forward, always better yourself, always find other ways, other challenges.

Above this, this was written around May time, now, I've fisnished Britains's Got talent, which is one of the biggest experiences of my life, living in London, triaing hard for a show and appearing in from of a few hundred people as well as MILLIONS of via live on TV. Met some amazing people all of whom live through their passions. We entered for a laugh and was happy to get to where we did. However being there and being through that much pressure I know that's not for me, I wasn't training how I enjoyed only what I needed to. There should always be a subtle blend of the two.

I got home, reaclimatised and started training again, I am doing a lot of barefoot work and believe it is an important part of my training and development, discussed here ( ) and here ( ).

I am training hard again having developed a new sense of self and direction. I have a new job starting soon working for Connexions being a Youth Worker, which is an area I always want to work in, helping other people. See how it goes :-). Local workshops are on their way, so teaching parkour locally at schools etc, which again is a brilliant opportunity to pass on what I have learnt.

A few word's I've picked up that I feel are important in Life.

"Amoung friends, there are no good-byes"

"Do not Stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there; I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.
Do not stand at my grave and cry.
I am not there, I did not die."

No matter what, we are connected with the Earth and will go on. We should look after it and it will us. Go through life treating everyone with love and respect as a person and helping all who ask or seek it.

Hooray for training again! Learning and teaching is a true gift.


Friday, April 20, 2007

April 22nd, full steam ahead!

Woop, sorry I haven't posted for ages *strokes blog* (that sounds a bit wrong)


Lots happening gonna give you a lowdown on whats going on with me and other people.

First things first, My Training

All is going pretty well, my ankle is definatly still improving, but still I'm really wanting to work my upper body and get stronger there, so lots of handstands etc, they're getting a lot better, which is very nice. (video to follow I hope! Do you want to see one?).

I'm really reverting back to the basics, getting stronger and becoming an acceptable human being, we are all so weak, metally and physically, so I'm training hard and to the point aiming to become strong and useful.

Found an amazing thing to strengthen the arms in Rochford, I have't made it all the way around yet, but I WILL SOON!


Well; busy busy really.

This coming week, working with 9 others (HUGE GROUP) for Nissan, in Newcastle, being flown up there to move, should be great fun.

Got another job coming up with Philli soon which will be muchly fun.

Then some stuff I can't talk about ;-P :-D

It's all VERY MAD.


Things are going pretty well, bit skint at the moment until I get the money through from Wrangler and the job I did for them, but all should be well soon! (Think I might end up going overdrawn, but ah wells will have plaenty of dosh to rectify that soon I hope!)

Learning a lot still from all the reading I am doing, Dan Millman is amazing and has helped me in my life path so much. Everything I am reading is directly relating to my life, the mojority of things seems much clearer, still some erronious things to clear out and I'm hoping meditation can help :-)

But yeah, pretty busy and no real revelations, life is just going ahead and I'm becoming a better person than I was the day before.

Leave you with some words I was taught. "Life is not a sprint, it's a marathon, dream big, start small and connect the dots."


Friday, March 16, 2007


Been doing a bit of tricking over the past few days and here's a little vid to show where I'm at at the moment.

Nothing especially amazing, I'm happy with the running gainers though, hurrah!

Leave a comment, thanks to pronobozo for the track sample, can;t wait for the rest bro, the ones you sent were awesome.

Enjoy the vid and the music.


Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Traceur and The Warrior

Something I wrote on my training of Parkour.

I'm not posting to "be" anyone or as anyone, I am posting as this is how I truly feel in my heart. I wish to share that with others, and if another person sees my way as there's then I am happy.

I practice Parkour to better myself, to reach levels, from those levels I wish to push further to a higher one and another one, the path is endless.

I live my life by a set of ideals, to move forward, to overcome my obstacles, to be useful and able, mentally and physically.

Always moving forwards.

Parkour is a discipline to pass obstacles efficiently. Drop the damn arguements about what IS or isn't efficient, we all should know deep down what, in a practical situation IS and isn't efficient, this post isn't about that though.

This is taken from what many consider to the the "handbook" of the samurai.

"There are many people who, by being attached to a martial art and taking apprentices, believe that they have arrived
at the full stature of a warrior.

But it is a regrettable thing to put forth much effort and in the end become an "artist."
In artistic technique it is good to learn to the extent that you will not be lacking. In general, a person who is versatile
in many things is considered to be vulgar and to have only a broad knowledge of matters of importance."

(thats just one similarity,but that extract can be applied to MANY of the "arguements" we see today in forums etc, please think and USE it)

The way I interpret this as, is that, it is okay to have knowledge of in-eficiencies in order to have a broader knowledge and be able and not lacking, but not to the extent of becoming useless. The original goal and purpose should still be the mindset.

It is okay to "do" other things, but to be a warrior, or a traceur, the guidelines and rules (ignore those words); the DISCIPLINE you set yourself is key.

This is an example of an ancient way of life and living to a discipline, a way of life.

There ARE many others but this is how I feel and where my research has led me.

I and some of you are warriors of our time; in the past their barriers would have been other men, with swords or rocks or fists;
We are here to combat the obstacles in our ways, the barriers (mentally and physically) that man has created.

Live the day to it's extent and do all you can but not to recklessness, again discipline is key, we must control (for lack of a better word) ourselves and our students in order for them to progress safely and consistantly.

Self restraint is the human ability to seperate us from animals, and in that we can be more like true human beings, living and learning, moving forwards with a life, and adopting a WAY of life.

I have so much to learn, but I can teach others from the mistakes I have made along my learning of Parkour, listen to me or do not, that's your choice.

PLEASE NOTE: I understand that many other will not follow my way, but this is my way of practice and I believe it to be right.

I do not wish to generate arguements, I just wish to share this.

Feel free to ask RELEVANT questions, and I'll answer when I have the time to.

Please don't flame or spam.



Saturday, February 17, 2007

Commencement I guess.

Well, I need to vent it somewhere, but why not share it with other who may have, may be or can relate to whats going down / how I'm feeling. I'm not going to splash all the ins and outs of this as it's not fair on either party and I'm not wanting sympathy.

I'm just very low right now and need to write.

First off, the injury which is supposed to be getting better with time, doesn't seem to be, sure I havent rested religiously, I've just been living my life, moving forward, doing what I have to to survive with small bouts of light training, hurt like hell in Pitsea yesterday but I felt so alive moving again, free, alive, purposeful, getting back into creating movements from nothing, felt alive.

The post earlier related to a book and writer I discovered, and Oh My god, it changed the way I felt and thought. I have to buy it and live by it (it is NOT the bible) and is really applicable to Parkour and the way I wish to live MY life.

(( Mainly for those who have been saying I've seemed a bit "off" ))

Anyway, I got home on Friday. I broke up with my girlfriend. So I've been fairly down about that.

Been a fair few days since now and it's getting alot easier. Although admitidly alot more difficult with parents being asses and my ankle injury lingering, so hard training is out of the question, grrr.

Just want to thank people who've been there for me throughout this, Brad, Liv, Hollie, Zack, AJ, Darryn and Paul and anyone else I've talked to, thanks.


This week:

Monday -
Thursday: Resting ankle

Friday: Some ITV audition thing.

Saturday: Teaching Parkour in Pitsea/Basildon.

Sunday: Teaching Parkour in Erith

And Stuarts staying over the weekend too which should be good fun.

See you soon!


Friday, February 02, 2007


More info to come.

been doing alot of thinking, discovered a few new things and I've come to a realisation of what I need to do.

More details to follow, but I have what I need to develop my training and myself as a person. I know what I must do and I'm seeing things alot clearer.


PS - On an ankle note, I can run normally now, albeit with a little pain.

Friday, January 26, 2007

26th Jan: Photos and brief update. - Echo news

Hey, sorry it's been so long, just addin some photos and a brif update on how the ankle is going.

The swelling has gone down alot compared to how it was, and there is less pain, although it does still hurt, tis obviously rather severe. Bruising showing alot, but is fading now (these pics are 2 days old.) Any fast movements hurt though.

What I can do:
Walk normally
I have a greater degree of movement 4-6 inches of plantar/dorsi.

Pain on inside of ankle even though I rolled and sprained the outside.
Can't twist my ankle as far inwards as my left foot, however I imagine this will come with time.
Still painful (i know it can take up to 3 weeks to stop hurting)

This is a bad one folks, but with help from my friends (a special thanks to Ben) I'll advance in other areas and try to minimize performance loss in lower body.


PS. Online version of newspaper article.

Monday, January 22, 2007

For the record.

Pronobozo, awesome guy and we both understand where each other's coming from.

Loved the music and now everyone does!

Celldweller I have been listening to for over a month now.


Friday, January 19, 2007

Sprained Ankle Recovery Blog. Day 2

Not an awful lot to write today, Worked a bit on upper body, gonna do some more in a minute.

As for my ankle, less pain when using and moving it, but it's still very sore. Swollen a little more too today, things have to get worse before they get better.

As promised the hospital sprained ankle help booklet/exercises.

So I've been going along with what it says although my range of movement is very small to the sides. Forwards and back, not so bad, but sideways hurts and is hard to do.

Today I've kept it upright a fair bit, but I should really have kept it up for longer, Iced it a few times today, and walking is a little more normal.

It's very un-natural for me not to move, so staying in bed isn't something I can do easily.

As I said, A bit more swollen today, with a little bruise under that ankle.

Well it's a start, and I'm happy walking is alot easier.

I'll try and get a vid of some exercises I've been doing during the day too for tomorrow. What you think?


Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sprained Ankle Recovery Blog. Day 1.

Last night, about 10:15, sideflipping of a horse at Erith, been fine with the movement all night, but for some reaosn, went too far over. All my weight nto my right foot rolling inwards.

Hurt like hell at the time, alot more than the time over a year ago the same ankle went. (again in a gym - I swear im safer on streets and concrete).

I was given a Ice Pack which i kept on for about 10 mins before I had to leave, and my aim was to keep walking to make sure it didnt seize up on the 40 minute journey home.

The gym instructor said to get a very hot bath to relax my ankle in, so I did when I got home.

Here's my ankle at home an hour later.

As you can see it's farily swollen after an hour.

Well, today I went to the hospital as my foot hurt alot this morning, and it was fairly swollen, X-Ray said there wasn't a brake, but compared to another time I sprained an ankle this is worse.

The exrcises the hospital gave me to do is the same as before I'll scan in the execrices tomorrow, for I'll be keeping my foot elevated, iced, as well as doing these exercises.

Day One.

What can I do today:

1. Just about walk, hurts alot, more of a hobble than walking really.
2. Plantar and dorsi flexion, about 3 inches of movement.

See you tomorrow!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

January 14th

Mum's birthday, Happy birsthday mum!

Anyways, was asked by Eleanor Davies to come down and help out again for her art project working on a new construct for moving in a out of, in between and the like.

Had to be there for 3 O clock so I figured myself and Brad would head to the Southbank to meet up with Liv and the rest of the girls training today. I turned up at Waterloo and say the freshly back, Jason from a job in India, and a few other people around.

I ran to the park at Jubilee Gardens to train again (tis an AWESOME place}.

And met back up with Jason, working on alot of varied movements around the park and having alot of fun in the process. Then did some stretching, worked on some more movements, and then wandered over with Brad (after Philly left) to see Liv and Tracey with the other girls she had out.

It was a really nice thing to see, so many females practicing Parkour, hopefully this is the start of a bigger influx, just shows that Parkour can be practiced by all, and has so much potential to do the world, alot of good.

Met Hannah which as rad, learning quick, well done!

From there, unfortunalty we systemactically kicked off of every location along the Southbank area (god knows why). We headed round Imax, spent a good amount of time around there made the precision between the wall onto the sign up against a wall which I was pleased with, as I hadn't tried it before it before.

The I realised the time (2:50) as was like ... CRAP! Grabbed Brad and Bobby and we tubed to Liverpool street to find the venue. When we got there, the capoerists were doing their thing in and out of these amazing rope lights which looks like rweal lasers. El said we could head to the roof and see the old trains and... MY GOD... It was amazing! And got some fantastic footage at this location too. Had a close call when the police showed up as they they thought we were just poeple messing, they went as soon as they heard it was "our roof" and we had permission!! RAD

Weaving in and out of these lights was alot of fun aswell, bobby doing a splits slide under one of them, was so cool. We got the shots for us and El, as well as some continuity / in-between shots and we were done!

We made our way where wasgot to Liverpool street, and pigged out a fair bit at a "fast food" facility (I feel so bad, Wasn't my fault Brad forced me!).

Was an awesome day, footage will be shown in my new parkour video and "talent" sampler.