Friday, January 26, 2007

26th Jan: Photos and brief update. - Echo news

Hey, sorry it's been so long, just addin some photos and a brif update on how the ankle is going.

The swelling has gone down alot compared to how it was, and there is less pain, although it does still hurt, tis obviously rather severe. Bruising showing alot, but is fading now (these pics are 2 days old.) Any fast movements hurt though.

What I can do:
Walk normally
I have a greater degree of movement 4-6 inches of plantar/dorsi.

Pain on inside of ankle even though I rolled and sprained the outside.
Can't twist my ankle as far inwards as my left foot, however I imagine this will come with time.
Still painful (i know it can take up to 3 weeks to stop hurting)

This is a bad one folks, but with help from my friends (a special thanks to Ben) I'll advance in other areas and try to minimize performance loss in lower body.


PS. Online version of newspaper article.

Monday, January 22, 2007

For the record.

Pronobozo, awesome guy and we both understand where each other's coming from.

Loved the music and now everyone does!

Celldweller I have been listening to for over a month now.


Friday, January 19, 2007

Sprained Ankle Recovery Blog. Day 2

Not an awful lot to write today, Worked a bit on upper body, gonna do some more in a minute.

As for my ankle, less pain when using and moving it, but it's still very sore. Swollen a little more too today, things have to get worse before they get better.

As promised the hospital sprained ankle help booklet/exercises.

So I've been going along with what it says although my range of movement is very small to the sides. Forwards and back, not so bad, but sideways hurts and is hard to do.

Today I've kept it upright a fair bit, but I should really have kept it up for longer, Iced it a few times today, and walking is a little more normal.

It's very un-natural for me not to move, so staying in bed isn't something I can do easily.

As I said, A bit more swollen today, with a little bruise under that ankle.

Well it's a start, and I'm happy walking is alot easier.

I'll try and get a vid of some exercises I've been doing during the day too for tomorrow. What you think?


Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sprained Ankle Recovery Blog. Day 1.

Last night, about 10:15, sideflipping of a horse at Erith, been fine with the movement all night, but for some reaosn, went too far over. All my weight nto my right foot rolling inwards.

Hurt like hell at the time, alot more than the time over a year ago the same ankle went. (again in a gym - I swear im safer on streets and concrete).

I was given a Ice Pack which i kept on for about 10 mins before I had to leave, and my aim was to keep walking to make sure it didnt seize up on the 40 minute journey home.

The gym instructor said to get a very hot bath to relax my ankle in, so I did when I got home.

Here's my ankle at home an hour later.

As you can see it's farily swollen after an hour.

Well, today I went to the hospital as my foot hurt alot this morning, and it was fairly swollen, X-Ray said there wasn't a brake, but compared to another time I sprained an ankle this is worse.

The exrcises the hospital gave me to do is the same as before I'll scan in the execrices tomorrow, for I'll be keeping my foot elevated, iced, as well as doing these exercises.

Day One.

What can I do today:

1. Just about walk, hurts alot, more of a hobble than walking really.
2. Plantar and dorsi flexion, about 3 inches of movement.

See you tomorrow!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

January 14th

Mum's birthday, Happy birsthday mum!

Anyways, was asked by Eleanor Davies to come down and help out again for her art project working on a new construct for moving in a out of, in between and the like.

Had to be there for 3 O clock so I figured myself and Brad would head to the Southbank to meet up with Liv and the rest of the girls training today. I turned up at Waterloo and say the freshly back, Jason from a job in India, and a few other people around.

I ran to the park at Jubilee Gardens to train again (tis an AWESOME place}.

And met back up with Jason, working on alot of varied movements around the park and having alot of fun in the process. Then did some stretching, worked on some more movements, and then wandered over with Brad (after Philly left) to see Liv and Tracey with the other girls she had out.

It was a really nice thing to see, so many females practicing Parkour, hopefully this is the start of a bigger influx, just shows that Parkour can be practiced by all, and has so much potential to do the world, alot of good.

Met Hannah which as rad, learning quick, well done!

From there, unfortunalty we systemactically kicked off of every location along the Southbank area (god knows why). We headed round Imax, spent a good amount of time around there made the precision between the wall onto the sign up against a wall which I was pleased with, as I hadn't tried it before it before.

The I realised the time (2:50) as was like ... CRAP! Grabbed Brad and Bobby and we tubed to Liverpool street to find the venue. When we got there, the capoerists were doing their thing in and out of these amazing rope lights which looks like rweal lasers. El said we could head to the roof and see the old trains and... MY GOD... It was amazing! And got some fantastic footage at this location too. Had a close call when the police showed up as they they thought we were just poeple messing, they went as soon as they heard it was "our roof" and we had permission!! RAD

Weaving in and out of these lights was alot of fun aswell, bobby doing a splits slide under one of them, was so cool. We got the shots for us and El, as well as some continuity / in-between shots and we were done!

We made our way where wasgot to Liverpool street, and pigged out a fair bit at a "fast food" facility (I feel so bad, Wasn't my fault Brad forced me!).

Was an awesome day, footage will be shown in my new parkour video and "talent" sampler.