Friday, January 26, 2007

26th Jan: Photos and brief update. - Echo news

Hey, sorry it's been so long, just addin some photos and a brif update on how the ankle is going.

The swelling has gone down alot compared to how it was, and there is less pain, although it does still hurt, tis obviously rather severe. Bruising showing alot, but is fading now (these pics are 2 days old.) Any fast movements hurt though.

What I can do:
Walk normally
I have a greater degree of movement 4-6 inches of plantar/dorsi.

Pain on inside of ankle even though I rolled and sprained the outside.
Can't twist my ankle as far inwards as my left foot, however I imagine this will come with time.
Still painful (i know it can take up to 3 weeks to stop hurting)

This is a bad one folks, but with help from my friends (a special thanks to Ben) I'll advance in other areas and try to minimize performance loss in lower body.


PS. Online version of newspaper article.

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