Sunday, January 14, 2007

January 14th

Mum's birthday, Happy birsthday mum!

Anyways, was asked by Eleanor Davies to come down and help out again for her art project working on a new construct for moving in a out of, in between and the like.

Had to be there for 3 O clock so I figured myself and Brad would head to the Southbank to meet up with Liv and the rest of the girls training today. I turned up at Waterloo and say the freshly back, Jason from a job in India, and a few other people around.

I ran to the park at Jubilee Gardens to train again (tis an AWESOME place}.

And met back up with Jason, working on alot of varied movements around the park and having alot of fun in the process. Then did some stretching, worked on some more movements, and then wandered over with Brad (after Philly left) to see Liv and Tracey with the other girls she had out.

It was a really nice thing to see, so many females practicing Parkour, hopefully this is the start of a bigger influx, just shows that Parkour can be practiced by all, and has so much potential to do the world, alot of good.

Met Hannah which as rad, learning quick, well done!

From there, unfortunalty we systemactically kicked off of every location along the Southbank area (god knows why). We headed round Imax, spent a good amount of time around there made the precision between the wall onto the sign up against a wall which I was pleased with, as I hadn't tried it before it before.

The I realised the time (2:50) as was like ... CRAP! Grabbed Brad and Bobby and we tubed to Liverpool street to find the venue. When we got there, the capoerists were doing their thing in and out of these amazing rope lights which looks like rweal lasers. El said we could head to the roof and see the old trains and... MY GOD... It was amazing! And got some fantastic footage at this location too. Had a close call when the police showed up as they they thought we were just poeple messing, they went as soon as they heard it was "our roof" and we had permission!! RAD

Weaving in and out of these lights was alot of fun aswell, bobby doing a splits slide under one of them, was so cool. We got the shots for us and El, as well as some continuity / in-between shots and we were done!

We made our way where wasgot to Liverpool street, and pigged out a fair bit at a "fast food" facility (I feel so bad, Wasn't my fault Brad forced me!).

Was an awesome day, footage will be shown in my new parkour video and "talent" sampler.


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