Friday, January 19, 2007

Sprained Ankle Recovery Blog. Day 2

Not an awful lot to write today, Worked a bit on upper body, gonna do some more in a minute.

As for my ankle, less pain when using and moving it, but it's still very sore. Swollen a little more too today, things have to get worse before they get better.

As promised the hospital sprained ankle help booklet/exercises.

So I've been going along with what it says although my range of movement is very small to the sides. Forwards and back, not so bad, but sideways hurts and is hard to do.

Today I've kept it upright a fair bit, but I should really have kept it up for longer, Iced it a few times today, and walking is a little more normal.

It's very un-natural for me not to move, so staying in bed isn't something I can do easily.

As I said, A bit more swollen today, with a little bruise under that ankle.

Well it's a start, and I'm happy walking is alot easier.

I'll try and get a vid of some exercises I've been doing during the day too for tomorrow. What you think?


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