Saturday, February 17, 2007

Commencement I guess.

Well, I need to vent it somewhere, but why not share it with other who may have, may be or can relate to whats going down / how I'm feeling. I'm not going to splash all the ins and outs of this as it's not fair on either party and I'm not wanting sympathy.

I'm just very low right now and need to write.

First off, the injury which is supposed to be getting better with time, doesn't seem to be, sure I havent rested religiously, I've just been living my life, moving forward, doing what I have to to survive with small bouts of light training, hurt like hell in Pitsea yesterday but I felt so alive moving again, free, alive, purposeful, getting back into creating movements from nothing, felt alive.

The post earlier related to a book and writer I discovered, and Oh My god, it changed the way I felt and thought. I have to buy it and live by it (it is NOT the bible) and is really applicable to Parkour and the way I wish to live MY life.

(( Mainly for those who have been saying I've seemed a bit "off" ))

Anyway, I got home on Friday. I broke up with my girlfriend. So I've been fairly down about that.

Been a fair few days since now and it's getting alot easier. Although admitidly alot more difficult with parents being asses and my ankle injury lingering, so hard training is out of the question, grrr.

Just want to thank people who've been there for me throughout this, Brad, Liv, Hollie, Zack, AJ, Darryn and Paul and anyone else I've talked to, thanks.


This week:

Monday -
Thursday: Resting ankle

Friday: Some ITV audition thing.

Saturday: Teaching Parkour in Pitsea/Basildon.

Sunday: Teaching Parkour in Erith

And Stuarts staying over the weekend too which should be good fun.

See you soon!



TumoLPK said...

trust me, stu's a good laugh, he'll make your week brad =)

i hope your week gets easier and better, i'm here for a chat if you want it!


clara said...

You didn't mention me :(
However, you know what i want to say.. *sends you a biiig hug*
Hope to see you in munich!
loves you

David said...

for what it's worth, you're a great guy and any change is definitely for the better! :]

me and you share many ideals in movement and have very similar thought by the sound of it. Will be good seeing and talking/training with you on Sunday.

until then,

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

get your head out of your ass and get yourself together "my ankle hurts wa,wa,wa" you can still train upper body even if lower is screwed
i understand being a traceur myself
it sucks to not be able to do your vaults and jumps but DEAL WITH IT
its no reason to wallow in self pity

so find something else to do