Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Traceur and The Warrior

Something I wrote on my training of Parkour.

I'm not posting to "be" anyone or as anyone, I am posting as this is how I truly feel in my heart. I wish to share that with others, and if another person sees my way as there's then I am happy.

I practice Parkour to better myself, to reach levels, from those levels I wish to push further to a higher one and another one, the path is endless.

I live my life by a set of ideals, to move forward, to overcome my obstacles, to be useful and able, mentally and physically.

Always moving forwards.

Parkour is a discipline to pass obstacles efficiently. Drop the damn arguements about what IS or isn't efficient, we all should know deep down what, in a practical situation IS and isn't efficient, this post isn't about that though.

This is taken from what many consider to the the "handbook" of the samurai.

"There are many people who, by being attached to a martial art and taking apprentices, believe that they have arrived
at the full stature of a warrior.

But it is a regrettable thing to put forth much effort and in the end become an "artist."
In artistic technique it is good to learn to the extent that you will not be lacking. In general, a person who is versatile
in many things is considered to be vulgar and to have only a broad knowledge of matters of importance."

(thats just one similarity,but that extract can be applied to MANY of the "arguements" we see today in forums etc, please think and USE it)

The way I interpret this as, is that, it is okay to have knowledge of in-eficiencies in order to have a broader knowledge and be able and not lacking, but not to the extent of becoming useless. The original goal and purpose should still be the mindset.

It is okay to "do" other things, but to be a warrior, or a traceur, the guidelines and rules (ignore those words); the DISCIPLINE you set yourself is key.

This is an example of an ancient way of life and living to a discipline, a way of life.

There ARE many others but this is how I feel and where my research has led me.

I and some of you are warriors of our time; in the past their barriers would have been other men, with swords or rocks or fists;
We are here to combat the obstacles in our ways, the barriers (mentally and physically) that man has created.

Live the day to it's extent and do all you can but not to recklessness, again discipline is key, we must control (for lack of a better word) ourselves and our students in order for them to progress safely and consistantly.

Self restraint is the human ability to seperate us from animals, and in that we can be more like true human beings, living and learning, moving forwards with a life, and adopting a WAY of life.

I have so much to learn, but I can teach others from the mistakes I have made along my learning of Parkour, listen to me or do not, that's your choice.

PLEASE NOTE: I understand that many other will not follow my way, but this is my way of practice and I believe it to be right.

I do not wish to generate arguements, I just wish to share this.

Feel free to ask RELEVANT questions, and I'll answer when I have the time to.

Please don't flame or spam.




The Saiyans said...

wow, had to read that like 3 times dude.. a lot to take in however i do think its very interesting and very thought provoking..
ill need a little time for it to sink in. Its so refreshing to read somthing of merit.

Anonymous said...

Nice writing bumhead Brad from the YOU-KAY


mcquade said...

Some good thoughts about a great and greatly relavent quote.
I love reading about the thoughts and mindsets of more experianced traceurs and even though I came across nothing new in that post it has surfaced thoughts that would have otherwise lay unspoken. Cheers.