Friday, April 20, 2007

April 22nd, full steam ahead!

Woop, sorry I haven't posted for ages *strokes blog* (that sounds a bit wrong)


Lots happening gonna give you a lowdown on whats going on with me and other people.

First things first, My Training

All is going pretty well, my ankle is definatly still improving, but still I'm really wanting to work my upper body and get stronger there, so lots of handstands etc, they're getting a lot better, which is very nice. (video to follow I hope! Do you want to see one?).

I'm really reverting back to the basics, getting stronger and becoming an acceptable human being, we are all so weak, metally and physically, so I'm training hard and to the point aiming to become strong and useful.

Found an amazing thing to strengthen the arms in Rochford, I have't made it all the way around yet, but I WILL SOON!


Well; busy busy really.

This coming week, working with 9 others (HUGE GROUP) for Nissan, in Newcastle, being flown up there to move, should be great fun.

Got another job coming up with Philli soon which will be muchly fun.

Then some stuff I can't talk about ;-P :-D

It's all VERY MAD.


Things are going pretty well, bit skint at the moment until I get the money through from Wrangler and the job I did for them, but all should be well soon! (Think I might end up going overdrawn, but ah wells will have plaenty of dosh to rectify that soon I hope!)

Learning a lot still from all the reading I am doing, Dan Millman is amazing and has helped me in my life path so much. Everything I am reading is directly relating to my life, the mojority of things seems much clearer, still some erronious things to clear out and I'm hoping meditation can help :-)

But yeah, pretty busy and no real revelations, life is just going ahead and I'm becoming a better person than I was the day before.

Leave you with some words I was taught. "Life is not a sprint, it's a marathon, dream big, start small and connect the dots."



Anonymous said...

Did I mention that you're a n00b ?

xHx said...

You talking bout that crazy traverse? How far have you got with it? If you do all the way we said, I'll be v impressed!

Joe-ng said...

yes make that handstand vid, and be quick about it!
glad everythings going swimmingly for you and i will see you in the near future!