Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Brad's Big Barefoot Ramble.

Decided to get out today for something different; I'm still working on toughening up my feet, so barfoot was a must, but I deceied to head to odd areas, nothing big ,just a long walk wherever it took me.

SO I packed my bag, and off I trecked! Head to Tinkers lane and head off towards the old Mill where my dad used to work.

Had a bit of an explore around the marshes and took a few pictures...

After a bit of climbing aroud this bridge I was on, I learnt my (well relearnt my first lesson of the day).

Watch your surroundings and footing.

Doesn't look like much on the photo but a rusty bit of metal sliced a thickish bit of skin off, wasnt big but a little bit deep. I cleaned it up and carried on regardless, feet heal quickly from my experience. SO onwards I went, headed towards the Rankings cricket ground, but wandered to the lake area first.

Was so nice to have to walk through untouched fields and the like, I watched the ducks and dragonflies but unfortunatly they eluded the camera!

By the cricket gorunds I found a big old tree and climbed it for a while, at this time the winds were quite strong I love being so high that the branches you are on actually sway with the wind, reminds me of the fact that trees are really living, and amazing natural structures. Climbing trees barefoot is so much fun.

And then, I walked and walked ad walked, all the way up the River Roach, as the tide was coming in, time for me to think about things, listen to the wind, and the water and the wildlife aorund me. I remember turning around and looking where I came from, I couldn't see any buildings, and I was taken away by the wind blowing in my face and the brightness of the clouds above me, a vast wide open space and it really woke me up to the world.

I carried on walking, the footpath eventually ended and I walked along a small road back down to stambridge. I walked along the road till I found another footpath, there were Swallows flying above the wheatfields so i sad down for a bit to watch and rest.

It started raining a little so I put on a jumper and roller my trousers down, and carried on until I got home.

I spent about 5 hours walking around, taking paths that probably haven't been taken for years.

Going to quote from my favourite author again.

"It's not the destination that brings happiness, it's the journey."

Hooray for natureness!



Anonymous said...

Sounds very peaceful. You are actually becoming that naturelle man. And where is that lake?! But you didnt walk in your pants?? How disapointing ;D I like the pictures though! And all the different colours lalala seeya tomo love! xxxx

Anonymous said...

woops... im not anonymous... Im KATE PARKER xx

Anonymous said...

Brad, thanks for spreading the barefoot word to all the parkour folks. Hope to see further progress in your training. Very impressive ! Good luck on the UK get together, BF hikes are great fun. Archie

Julian said...

cool man, simple yet inspiring pleasures and environments, the best things are free!

Shaun said...

Love it. Very inspiring.

Shaun Wood!!

Ben Nuttall said...

Just replied to your comment on my Trace blog post. Hope you get chance to read it.

Stay safe,


Ben Nuttall said...

Thanks for your understanding, mate. Glad we sorted that.

Was just a joke with Sam with plugging the url in that post on WWJ, is my username ok to stay? I just picked it but wouldn't mind changing it.