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7th August. - Sept 18th: HUB 07, Trace '07, Training, Thoughts

**Edit, this I started writing in August, finished on Sept 18th - I know it's long I'm sorry but hopefully the latter will help you.**

Well well well! August now! Pretty scary to be honest. 4 months to Christmas and the end of another year, time really does fly!

Anyways, what have I been up to?

HUB 2007.

Big old festival in Liverpool, HUB Urban Youth Festival. Was a huge event, myself Ashley Holland, Ryan Robinson and Stuart Palmer, Martin Tucker and Danny Ilabaca were on the roster with guest apprences from Shaun Wood from Oz, Ryan Doyle and a plither of other locals from Liverpooowel.

Not gonna go into great details as it was a long time ago now, but the Saturday, although the grass was still wet, had a great turn out, the Sun came out, as did the Traceurs, plenty of people turned up, lots from leeds, to name a few Alistair, Hollie, Ben, AJ, Scott and peeps etc (sorry I'm bad with names). I had a word with the ST and thought it would be better to take them around the park to train as oposed to thr wet obstacles we had built, so we did just that, spent the day conditoning, training and working with what the world has provided for us.

I think everyone had a great day (except Hollie with a nasty little sprain) but considering the torrential rain the day before things went really well. Sunday wasn't a great day for the weather with showers on and off throughout the day, we managed a small workshop, and demonstrations with us using what we had around us, including training on barrells which was a great form of body mastery and working with moving, "awkward" obstacles.

Trace 2007

WOW! That was an amazing event. Before I say anything else, a HUUUUUUGE thank you to David and Jason who arranged, pretty much everything to do with the event. Second thanks goes to everyone who came, shared experiences/time and raised money for new foundations. £500+, everyone should be happy and it just goes to show the strength and unity through Parkour and true Traceurs from Europe, UK and the rest of the world who attended!

I left on the Monday, met Jason, Liv, Cable and Blake in London on the bus to Sheffield. That was a very long trip. When we were at Sheffiled we were greated by Dave and waited around the Town for Jin and Owen who were due to arrive.

There was a cream taxi and all the pigeons loved it for some reason... *shrugs*.

When everyone had arrived, aquainted and stocked up, and after checking out the very cool Decathlon store in Sheffield, we headed to Edale, Dave driving with our bags.

When we arrived we were greated with rolling hills, and our excitement.

So wowzer! We headed down to Padley Gorge that night to check out the area, and I was hit by how thick the air was, very moist and full, felt amazing and energizing given my tiredness. We got to the main rock area by the time the sun was about to set and it was amazing, we trained round there for a good while, headed back to camp and got an early night for the mad few days that would proceed!

The days went great, people turned up on the first day, we had games planned, Reps were on duty, (me and Owen had to go the the train station every half hour to guide happy campers etc) was a great day socialising and bonding between Traceurs, new guys, experienced guys, reps and people from other the globe.

Day two consisted of all Traceurs getting onto a tiny train and avoiding the ticket inspector by playing deaf and dumb. At the station we had a group warm up lead by Jason on a bridge, was amazing to see the sea of practitioners working hard.

Then it was a long walk up and down steep, rocky hills, we reached our meeting point at the main river area where we got into our respective groups, some stayed and others started the BIG old march to the peaks "nearby". I won't go into details but it was tiring and fun, and those who were there don't need to be told what happened.

Few pics.

Thanks to everyone for coming, and for bringing their own aspects and personalities to the event, and we all made a good difference helping out New Foundations, we really are making a difference over in Africa and we should continue to adopt the helping mentality into our everyday lives. Even helping one person may not be much, but think of the difference you can or make make to that one person.

On that note, May I turn your attention to this post on the forums, the story in the 2nd post down (mine) is a good lesson.

Vid I made late August, thank you Antony.
Movement training took up a lot of my time mainly because iif it's low impact movements, HOWEVER as you will read, not, when practiced prediminantly, beneficial to other aspects of Parkour.


Anyways, training currently is going well. I've had slumps, and problems but I know what I must do to rectify them. I;ve recently started my Assistant Youth Worker position for Connexions, so I'm helping the young people of the area on a different level but hopefully, I will be bringing the lessons and teachings of Parkour and the experiences it has brought me, into their lives and they can then use them to help others as well as themselves.

Parkour isn't just the movement, it's the mentality; the way you make choices in life. Life is the real discipline, hopefully I can explain this more in my future writings.


Sunday 16th Sept I visited Ben Moore in Brentwood.

Our last training session (In Rochford) explored the importance of instinctive training, being chased around a tree by Ben with a stick. Sounds funny, but it isn;t fight or flight kicks in, and after the initial giggle things go serious, moving around the tree in ways I havent moved after 3 years of using the tree. I noticed myself needing the time to plan a route from my movement training, insticitve and spontaneous training being neglected.

The lesson from this is to use training partners to make your training harder and reactive, having to double back, changing direction in order to react to another individual or group.

Sunday we were working with an area undercover which will be vital in progression over winter, as well as other interesting areas, the Parkour was good and there was a good vibe to the whole day. Much fun training with you again Ben! Lots of barefoot work, tag and a good general bonding sesh.

Monday, saw me training in Southend with Jimi (, currently living in the UK from Australia. Spent time with Jimi on various occasions including Trace 07, anyways we got to train Southend together. On my part it was a very nostalgic training showing areas I learnt techniques when I first began and trying to get across my views on technique and certain movements. It was a great day of training with progression from myself and definatly Jimi. We talked much of the spirit of Parkour and thoughts on the discipline which was amazing content. I wish you all the best on your return trip to Lisses and Aus, keep in touch bro!

I'll leave you with an apology of the lateness of the blog and I know it's a bit rambly and over the place but I did my best to keep it in date order.

Next blog should see extracts of my writings on the Spirit of Parkour.

Brad up to date on toughts and Brad Out. *radio static*

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