Monday, October 15, 2007

15th October - Preperation for Movement.

The following is a little piece I wrote after training with a guy new to Parkour, I went through my thoughts before trying a movement I had not executed before, after, I decided to get my thoughts on Paper to share with you, as I feel they may help you through your training.

Training and Preparation for Movement.

Using basic psychological techniques within your training to overcome obstacles and the mental blocks surrounding them.

Thought Processes

When you come across a new situation through Parkour training (namely applying previously practiced movements to a new or different situation); effective mental processing is important, to eliminate certain fears about the movement and to gain the confidence to commit to a movement you know and feel to be within your ability but the mind is holding you back.


Put simply you will learn very little from the latter, you would not be understanding the movement nor 'listening' to your body, whereas pacing yourself through discipline and choice, means that when you are certain from similar experiences/movements, that you can make it, then you'll learn a lot more, and would have overcome something more important than the movement itself.

[Those who are there and in that mindset, can hopefully understand this point already, those who aren't at that level keep training safely and time will bring the insight.]

General Rules before executing the given movement.

1. -Worst Case Scenario- -

By assessing the mistakes that could be made we can realistically see potential threats/falls and before going through the movement and work on ways both physically and mentally to prepare and land safely from the failed movement if (in what should be an unlikely event), we are to make a mistake.

2. -Positive Outcomes-

Visualising and if possible, slowly rehearsing the movement in a controlled manner. This triggers the nervous system and to-be used muscles in to a state of readiness specifically for the movement to follow.

3. -Concentration-

Focus attention on what you have to do and accomplish, in order to execute the movement effectively and safely. Block out the factors that shouldn't affect your performance and, importantly, be aware of other realistic factors that could be a danger or could interfere with the movement, such as birds, people, falling leaves, sticks etc.

4. -Last Minute checks-

The preparation phase before movement. Preparing hands, feet, and other used body parts for the movement to come (making sure hands are grippy and not sweaty, feet/shoes are good and ready for potential impacts etc).

Focus on where you are heading. Switching between visualising the movement and working out and adapting continually to where your hands will be going/being placed, where your feet are going (taking off and landing, tic-tac etc), what position your body will be in and how the movement should feel from past and similar experiences.

When you are ready and committed, execute!

The mind plays a key role over understanding current physical ability/readiness. Hopefully these techniques and thoughts before a given movement will help you in your training.


My training, after this rather intensive year of training and conditioning, I am starting to put a little more faith in my abbilities, something has changed and I now have an understanding or insight of what I am capable of, there's more footage to come of things I;ve been training of late, only phone clips probably, but they'll be added on the player above.

Any questions or please comment and ask away.

"Those who believe they can and those who believe they can't, are both right" - Henry Ford


Monday, October 08, 2007

20th Birthday - 7th october.

Well I'm 20 now, Had a meal with my immediate family on the Saturday night (6th) and then Sunday was my Birthday Huzzah!

Got up nice and early, and on the train for about 9:30, met Ben at Brentwood and continued to London. We wandered to the Park before I had to head back to Waterloo for a meeting with the BPCA committee. We discussed and spent 4 hours getting things done and where we're headed and then wandered out to train.

We train around the Eye, the park and the walls for a while to get warmed up, however, although i was moving it wasn't me, couldn't focus properly.

Regardless, it was a nice day of moving, with people I haven't seen or trained with in a while or ever including Sticky, Jungle and others whos names I didn't catch, cheers guys.

Regardless of people and practices everyone was out and it was a really friendly day, everyone was united through movement an that's a great thing in a world of conflict.

Just want to thank all for the Birthday wishes left via texts, calls, cards and messages.

Posts, coming soon discussing the Spirit of parkour and aspects of the discipline practice.