Monday, October 08, 2007

20th Birthday - 7th october.

Well I'm 20 now, Had a meal with my immediate family on the Saturday night (6th) and then Sunday was my Birthday Huzzah!

Got up nice and early, and on the train for about 9:30, met Ben at Brentwood and continued to London. We wandered to the Park before I had to head back to Waterloo for a meeting with the BPCA committee. We discussed and spent 4 hours getting things done and where we're headed and then wandered out to train.

We train around the Eye, the park and the walls for a while to get warmed up, however, although i was moving it wasn't me, couldn't focus properly.

Regardless, it was a nice day of moving, with people I haven't seen or trained with in a while or ever including Sticky, Jungle and others whos names I didn't catch, cheers guys.

Regardless of people and practices everyone was out and it was a really friendly day, everyone was united through movement an that's a great thing in a world of conflict.

Just want to thank all for the Birthday wishes left via texts, calls, cards and messages.

Posts, coming soon discussing the Spirit of parkour and aspects of the discipline practice.


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The Saiyans said...

Hey Dude

Sorry I couldnt hang around after the meeting, bloody "real world"!!

Anyway we'll definitely hook up again in the next little while!!