Monday, November 12, 2007

23rd November - Portugal and a 'change of scenery'

Hello all! Just a post to update where I am atm, and what I've been up to.

I've been training hard as per usual, working a lot on Handstands since my last blog post and it's paid dividends, they are holding more often and gaining a lot more confidence balancing on my hands. BUT when in Portugal I fooked my wrist up, so any pushing pressure aggrivates it greatly, so again, my handstands are sucking :-(, win some lose some. heh

Portugal for CAT.

Myself, Brad Wendes and Ashley Holland were booked to perform over in Portugal. We left on Saturday 3rd November. and arrived in Portugal int he early evening.

We went out exploring around 7:30pm-ish, around the entire grounds, was initially exploring but soon turned into climbing/MN/Parkour and being VERY excited about the Surrounding areas which were AMAZING for Parkour, training and playing.

We were up and about till late discussing what makes a good shoe till around 0:30 when we got off to bed for an adventurous Sunday.

We weren't scheduled till late afternoon to reherse a demonstration around the catwalk and thus we went on an explore around the grounds seeing where's good and being generally amazed at the views that surrounded.

Went to the rehersal, and rehersed? Dah, lol, I fell on my back, and lovelry people got me a massage to fix it, was an AMAZING hour long sesh. Came back spaced out, form the massage, got on with rehersals got it sorted in a solid half an hour and I got off to my room asap after chatting with peeps for a bath to relax my muscles and sleep for the day that entailed the next day.

(The fall actually did a lot more damage to my wrist than i knew at the time, I'm currently awaiting Xray results to see what's wrong with it)

Monday, had breakfast, brief rehersal and last minute checks, and then waited round nthe back while models were getting changed and we were waiting to go on :-P.

The show all went well and to celebrate we went to the pool before we had to do an outdoor afternoon session. Was a pretty relaxed day and we put our all into the perfomances!

Monday night was a huge chill out night, we had a huge dinner with everyone who was over at the expo, then ate at the bar etc, was a cool but very long night thanks to Ash and brad lol. Generally over the trip I'd had a chance to sort my head out and work out where I'm heading.

Now for a change of scenery.

Whenever I seem to write stuff now, it takes days, and involves rambling that doesn;t really help anyone or make a difference.

I'm going to stop writing here and from now on, hopefully posts will be constructive and hopefully there to help you as well as a few SAMLL ones to keep track of where I am at the moment.

Next blog WILL have some of the writings from my book, discussing the spirit of parkour and to me, what Parkour involves.

New start.

Injuries and little things happen in life which can, if your awareness is open, make you realise a great many things and what's important in life.



shinobi said...

dude, you came to portugal and didn´t meet the portuguese traceurs??? don´t like them or what?

Bradley Moss. said...

Was a very busy time, we were planning to, and had a look around Lisbon, couldn't find anyone.