Saturday, January 26, 2008

26th Jan - A small step can make a big difference.

Hello all,

Was in London today doing some BBC thing, anyways, I invited a few people down for it and more showed up which was great, travelled around the Capital with friends and people who love their chosen practice in movement.

When we hit the Southbank there were loads of people in an area so I moved off to a quieter space to train. It was fantastic pretty much everyone greating each other, respecting everyones movments and choices in practice, giving advice where needed or asked for.

I spent a fair amount of time working ona tree, precisions and landings, as well as movements to observe my current level and fears on areas of movment. Was rewatching the Yamakasi Q+A video on the train to London as well and the question of why I'm doing this specific movment did run over in my head, is this really benefitting me? is it helping?

I think asking why is important and we should keep asking ourselves why we make the choices or do the things that we do. Why is the universal question, as we develop and our mentality changes through practice, our reasons can and do change in many ways and areas, so reminding ourself of why aids us to continue moving forward on our path.

Wrote this on the Worldwide Jam Parkour forum about todays training after Tim made an awesome little post about the atmosphere.

Today had such an amazing vibe to it, everyone was there FOR Parkour and movement, everyone loved what they were doing and loved everyone else.

Was hard to explain exactly but it was just a great atmosphere, not hundreds of people, but everyone out was moving and living movement and the energy was felt by myself and I'm sure many others. Yeah really, pretty indescribable.

Point being though, lets all BE THERE for each other, our brothers and sisters in the community, 'To Be and to Last', 'Be strong, be useful', be useful to each other and be there for one another when we need it.

None of us know how long we'll be here for, I may not be blessed with the gift of my next breath. I'd rather live my life doing what I can to enrich my life, and those around me.

As people who aim to live by the energy of life, in the form of movement, let us use our skills, experience, knowledge, passion and energy to help all around us in whichever ways we can.

--- I had a chance to speak with so many people, some who I've never really spoken to or moved with and everything just worked, united by movement, compassion, care and the spirit of Parkour, life, and it's practices.

Thats the point of all of this really, one person and one choice can impact so greatly on one person's life, that one act of kindness could easily be shown onto others, possibilities are endless from you chosing to help, a friend or a stranger. Our time is precisious and to give your time to another when they need it is a great thing you can do for another.

Same in your Parkour training, we shouldn't treat one moment different from another, each moment and movement is completely unique, and will never happen again exactly the same. What good is that huge Cat Pass to Arm Jump if when we finish our walking and posture is poor. Pay attention to that around us and better yourself in all aspects of life.

Just a breif thhough, hopefully it's reliterated previous thoughts.



Monday, January 07, 2008

7th January 2008 - 'The Mountain Path of Parkour'

I thought I'd share this on here, the original discussion can be found here.

Rebellion1222 posted.

"I can go walk around..
At shopping strips, parks, in the city, in the woods..
And I see where I could do all these things...
I imagine what I could do. I can see myself doing a saut de chat over that rail and hanging on that adjacent concrete wall and muscling up.

but the problem is..
I cant actually do it. I can only envision..

A sad realization today..
I now see how very inexperienced I am, the only thing I can tell myself though is to condition and practice right?
and one day I'll be able to pull off what I see in my mind..."

--- My reply:

"but the problem is..
I cant actually do it. I can only envision.."

There are countless things we can see but not do, as humans we have the inteligence to be able to imagine things, imagine the possibilities of our possible further development as individuals and humanity as a collective, although, of course there are other countless braches within our world.

"A sad realization today..
I now see how very inexperienced I am, the only thing I can tell myself though is to condition and practice right?
and one day I'll be able to pull off what I see in my mind..."

Why is it a sad realisation? If your happiness depends purely on what you achieve and produce then I feel you have a great need for understanding WHO you are in relation to the world around us, we are conditioned to believe that what we achieve and produce determines our worth, a rule of consumerism.

Our view of things within life determines our reactions to the situations. Why be sad about not being able to do those things, the destination is not the goal or should not be in Parkour, as our goals should be unatainable.

I'll explain, we devote ourselves to a way of life, aiming to be better than we were yesterday, always improving and learning and bettering ourselves and humans, traceurs or whatever you wish to call yourself. Our goal should be nothing less than perfection in anything we do, always improving, and always learning from our experiences within practice. Perfection is unatainable unless you speak of mathematical equations, of which our life is not. The happiness should come from the journey through life, everyday, for being alive, and being ABLE to practice and get better at whatever we chose to do. Be happy because you CAN be, happiness is a state of mind.

With time and practice, you can achieve whatever goals you set out to do, use your imagination to work our exercises that will develop the areas of technical movement of which you require, and which exercises with strengthen and develop the body areas needed.

If you seek 'performance' and an end result, then I'd have a serious rethink about why you practice and whether or not Parkour is really for you. Parkour is a difficult mountain to climb, and we will NEVER reach the top, but we CAN continue moving upwards and onwards with determination, discipline, hard work, practice and focus.

All the best on your journey.



I felt it an important question to ask, and we should be doing this continually, having things straight in our heads, noticing our changes in mentality in regards to our practices in parkour, football, chimneysweeping, whatever we practice. To evelop our own understanding, we need to seek the answers from inside ourselves, and begin the path of self discovery and self awareness in relation to the world around us.


On a seperate note, travelled down to redhill for an early B-day event for Jason, was great seeing epople I hadnt for a little while like Chris and Danny along with the awesome Next Gen guys, Liv, David, and everyone else! had a great time, I'm still aching! Awesome night mission guys!

Friday, January 04, 2008

4th January 2008 - 3 years of 'practice'.

Hello all, 'happy new year' to all.

Past month or so has been quite good and a real learning experience, my wrist is on the mend; or at least it seems, so Parkour movement training has been upped and I'm glad for it.

As a part of my progressing training in life and Parkour, I will be clearing my room extensivly, trying remove attachments on personal posessions, and allow my mind to be a little calmer and peaceful.

It's only going to be a short post as I've been on the computer for far too long this evening, but hopefully many of you have realised I've not been on MSN as much etc. Trying to use my time more constructively.

For people who care about thier lives and what they do with them, remember, your sport or discipline is not the be all and end all, life is the training ground, dealing with the situations we are put in and obstacles that are presented to us, in the forms of distractions, loss, gains, illness etc. We need to use our training and skills to overcome that which is keeping us from bettering ourselves on a daily basis.

Try to keep in your mind, how is this, right now, benefiting you??

Ask yourself questions:

Is this making me more than I was yesterday, am I learning a useful lesson? Could me time be used more contructivly right now?

If not (answering yes), then shift your attention and focus to that which is more beneficial to your life training and development. It's simple, but important; in the world around us, we are conditioned to worry about things which really do not matter, have obsessions with things that mean nothing to us. Be it as simple as being on the computer, are you sitting up straight? is your breathing controlled and effective?

Keep your attention and focus on the lessons around you, and keep bettering yourselves.

I have so far to go but I hope along my way in life I can help you understand a few things faster than it's taken myself to grasp.

New years eve' eve' (sunday 30th), I was practicing with Kai, Oli, Mike and Aaron to name a few. While out drilling and experiementing with movements and the obstacles around, I managed to make a Precision Jump and a Cat Pass Precision, both of which I had been looking at for around one and a half years.

After One and a Half years of practice, my training and development finally gave me the skills, ability and competence to succeed in the goals I had set out to do.

The night of that day made me think, just at the sheer amount of time I've worked to get those set movements done (obviously my training hasnt been specifically for those situations but it has been in the back of my mind of things 'to do).

A Year is an awfully long time in our lives, yet a laughable factor compared to the history of the world. We need to be using our time constructivly. Perhaps my training could have been better and that those movements could have been accomplished faster with more effective use of time? It is the past so it should not be worried about, but it's great to see the produce of your training from time to time to keep you on track and know, that in parkour and life, theat you are moving forwards, onwards and able to do anything you set your mind on, and that I should work harder and better with the time I DO have to practice in life and Parkour.

Off to Redhill this weekend so see the trace lot, many of whom it has been a while so yeay!