Saturday, January 26, 2008

26th Jan - A small step can make a big difference.

Hello all,

Was in London today doing some BBC thing, anyways, I invited a few people down for it and more showed up which was great, travelled around the Capital with friends and people who love their chosen practice in movement.

When we hit the Southbank there were loads of people in an area so I moved off to a quieter space to train. It was fantastic pretty much everyone greating each other, respecting everyones movments and choices in practice, giving advice where needed or asked for.

I spent a fair amount of time working ona tree, precisions and landings, as well as movements to observe my current level and fears on areas of movment. Was rewatching the Yamakasi Q+A video on the train to London as well and the question of why I'm doing this specific movment did run over in my head, is this really benefitting me? is it helping?

I think asking why is important and we should keep asking ourselves why we make the choices or do the things that we do. Why is the universal question, as we develop and our mentality changes through practice, our reasons can and do change in many ways and areas, so reminding ourself of why aids us to continue moving forward on our path.

Wrote this on the Worldwide Jam Parkour forum about todays training after Tim made an awesome little post about the atmosphere.

Today had such an amazing vibe to it, everyone was there FOR Parkour and movement, everyone loved what they were doing and loved everyone else.

Was hard to explain exactly but it was just a great atmosphere, not hundreds of people, but everyone out was moving and living movement and the energy was felt by myself and I'm sure many others. Yeah really, pretty indescribable.

Point being though, lets all BE THERE for each other, our brothers and sisters in the community, 'To Be and to Last', 'Be strong, be useful', be useful to each other and be there for one another when we need it.

None of us know how long we'll be here for, I may not be blessed with the gift of my next breath. I'd rather live my life doing what I can to enrich my life, and those around me.

As people who aim to live by the energy of life, in the form of movement, let us use our skills, experience, knowledge, passion and energy to help all around us in whichever ways we can.

--- I had a chance to speak with so many people, some who I've never really spoken to or moved with and everything just worked, united by movement, compassion, care and the spirit of Parkour, life, and it's practices.

Thats the point of all of this really, one person and one choice can impact so greatly on one person's life, that one act of kindness could easily be shown onto others, possibilities are endless from you chosing to help, a friend or a stranger. Our time is precisious and to give your time to another when they need it is a great thing you can do for another.

Same in your Parkour training, we shouldn't treat one moment different from another, each moment and movement is completely unique, and will never happen again exactly the same. What good is that huge Cat Pass to Arm Jump if when we finish our walking and posture is poor. Pay attention to that around us and better yourself in all aspects of life.

Just a breif thhough, hopefully it's reliterated previous thoughts.




Anonymous said...

very nice post brad

i must say the atmosphere on the day was imspirtational and it was a joy to train in. it gives you a sense of security, because everyone is there to move. it is such an amazing feeling to train in an atmosphere like that. it is an atmosphere i am going to strive for.

very nice post brad


Charlie C said...

Some very good points you made here brad i do belive its extreamly important to 'stick together' and respect eachother and respect what we do and how we practise.


Anonymous said...

sounds like it would have been a great experience to be part of this.

hopefully i will be part such an event in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Very inspiring post Brad. Sounds like london was great. I is very important to respect and be there for you friends.

Train Hard, Mike.

willwayland said...

Good to see that there is a community spirit building