Friday, January 04, 2008

4th January 2008 - 3 years of 'practice'.

Hello all, 'happy new year' to all.

Past month or so has been quite good and a real learning experience, my wrist is on the mend; or at least it seems, so Parkour movement training has been upped and I'm glad for it.

As a part of my progressing training in life and Parkour, I will be clearing my room extensivly, trying remove attachments on personal posessions, and allow my mind to be a little calmer and peaceful.

It's only going to be a short post as I've been on the computer for far too long this evening, but hopefully many of you have realised I've not been on MSN as much etc. Trying to use my time more constructively.

For people who care about thier lives and what they do with them, remember, your sport or discipline is not the be all and end all, life is the training ground, dealing with the situations we are put in and obstacles that are presented to us, in the forms of distractions, loss, gains, illness etc. We need to use our training and skills to overcome that which is keeping us from bettering ourselves on a daily basis.

Try to keep in your mind, how is this, right now, benefiting you??

Ask yourself questions:

Is this making me more than I was yesterday, am I learning a useful lesson? Could me time be used more contructivly right now?

If not (answering yes), then shift your attention and focus to that which is more beneficial to your life training and development. It's simple, but important; in the world around us, we are conditioned to worry about things which really do not matter, have obsessions with things that mean nothing to us. Be it as simple as being on the computer, are you sitting up straight? is your breathing controlled and effective?

Keep your attention and focus on the lessons around you, and keep bettering yourselves.

I have so far to go but I hope along my way in life I can help you understand a few things faster than it's taken myself to grasp.

New years eve' eve' (sunday 30th), I was practicing with Kai, Oli, Mike and Aaron to name a few. While out drilling and experiementing with movements and the obstacles around, I managed to make a Precision Jump and a Cat Pass Precision, both of which I had been looking at for around one and a half years.

After One and a Half years of practice, my training and development finally gave me the skills, ability and competence to succeed in the goals I had set out to do.

The night of that day made me think, just at the sheer amount of time I've worked to get those set movements done (obviously my training hasnt been specifically for those situations but it has been in the back of my mind of things 'to do).

A Year is an awfully long time in our lives, yet a laughable factor compared to the history of the world. We need to be using our time constructivly. Perhaps my training could have been better and that those movements could have been accomplished faster with more effective use of time? It is the past so it should not be worried about, but it's great to see the produce of your training from time to time to keep you on track and know, that in parkour and life, theat you are moving forwards, onwards and able to do anything you set your mind on, and that I should work harder and better with the time I DO have to practice in life and Parkour.

Off to Redhill this weekend so see the trace lot, many of whom it has been a while so yeay!



Anonymous said...

very nice post brad, is very aplicable to my life at the moment and i will take what you have writen on board. nice thort provocing post. thank you


Ben said...

Good stuff man, nice to see you happy
and progressing, of course

Didnt realise you'd been training 3 years, I thought it was a bit more than that

But yeah, keep it up man, you're personally an inspiration to me.