Monday, January 07, 2008

7th January 2008 - 'The Mountain Path of Parkour'

I thought I'd share this on here, the original discussion can be found here.

Rebellion1222 posted.

"I can go walk around..
At shopping strips, parks, in the city, in the woods..
And I see where I could do all these things...
I imagine what I could do. I can see myself doing a saut de chat over that rail and hanging on that adjacent concrete wall and muscling up.

but the problem is..
I cant actually do it. I can only envision..

A sad realization today..
I now see how very inexperienced I am, the only thing I can tell myself though is to condition and practice right?
and one day I'll be able to pull off what I see in my mind..."

--- My reply:

"but the problem is..
I cant actually do it. I can only envision.."

There are countless things we can see but not do, as humans we have the inteligence to be able to imagine things, imagine the possibilities of our possible further development as individuals and humanity as a collective, although, of course there are other countless braches within our world.

"A sad realization today..
I now see how very inexperienced I am, the only thing I can tell myself though is to condition and practice right?
and one day I'll be able to pull off what I see in my mind..."

Why is it a sad realisation? If your happiness depends purely on what you achieve and produce then I feel you have a great need for understanding WHO you are in relation to the world around us, we are conditioned to believe that what we achieve and produce determines our worth, a rule of consumerism.

Our view of things within life determines our reactions to the situations. Why be sad about not being able to do those things, the destination is not the goal or should not be in Parkour, as our goals should be unatainable.

I'll explain, we devote ourselves to a way of life, aiming to be better than we were yesterday, always improving and learning and bettering ourselves and humans, traceurs or whatever you wish to call yourself. Our goal should be nothing less than perfection in anything we do, always improving, and always learning from our experiences within practice. Perfection is unatainable unless you speak of mathematical equations, of which our life is not. The happiness should come from the journey through life, everyday, for being alive, and being ABLE to practice and get better at whatever we chose to do. Be happy because you CAN be, happiness is a state of mind.

With time and practice, you can achieve whatever goals you set out to do, use your imagination to work our exercises that will develop the areas of technical movement of which you require, and which exercises with strengthen and develop the body areas needed.

If you seek 'performance' and an end result, then I'd have a serious rethink about why you practice and whether or not Parkour is really for you. Parkour is a difficult mountain to climb, and we will NEVER reach the top, but we CAN continue moving upwards and onwards with determination, discipline, hard work, practice and focus.

All the best on your journey.



I felt it an important question to ask, and we should be doing this continually, having things straight in our heads, noticing our changes in mentality in regards to our practices in parkour, football, chimneysweeping, whatever we practice. To evelop our own understanding, we need to seek the answers from inside ourselves, and begin the path of self discovery and self awareness in relation to the world around us.


On a seperate note, travelled down to redhill for an early B-day event for Jason, was great seeing epople I hadnt for a little while like Chris and Danny along with the awesome Next Gen guys, Liv, David, and everyone else! had a great time, I'm still aching! Awesome night mission guys!


Anonymous said...

Well...i like your perception on things, its not like your expecting to get somewhere without hard work..and you know how to tell people to set realistic goals...and you say that you'll never get to the top of that mountain, which is true i guess..but the climbing part will always be fun..such is life, finding new things to do and learn!..You little philosophical thing you brad!

lots of love!...

Dane Grant said...

it's not always the goal, but the actual journey that counts.

Whether you get up there and do it to exactly the way you wanted to, envisiged, or saw how someone else did it is one thing, but actually just getting started on your own and actually attempting it is what really counts.

Because it's only once you've actually attempted it will you find out how much further you need to train or work on.

You'll never know till you try it.

Anonymous said...

Hey brad
I'm thinking of getting a pair of Feiyues but was wondering a couple of questions and you were the first person I thought of contacting with experience with them.

Which pair should I get? Canvas/Leather? (Which seem better/stronger for our training)
Are the higher ankle ones any good, or better to stick to the low ones?

How are they when it comes to movements that a little bit of slide isnt bad, such as drop arm jumps? Any other situations like these that I should train for and perfect my technique?

Thanks for any possible help you can provide

Bradley Moss. said...

Hello 'anonymous'.

Feiyues I feel are important for certain areas of Parkour and training in Life.

They are a very simple shoe.

In Parkour as well as life we should be very able to cope and be comfortable with the very basic. To devlop ourselves in life we should be finding what's comfortable and make it uncomfortable.

By taking away the luxuries we have in life we can develop ourselves in so many ways, and strengthen our mind, body, discipline... the list goes on. Cold water only, adapting our reactions to possible 'stressful' situations.

The simplicity of the Feiyue means you learn and adapt on the IMPORTNAT things such as landing, sensitivity and protection.

I have had no expericne with the leather feiyue, so I can't help you on that front. If you wish for the real Fieyue then look on their site, if you are after similar shoes which are awesome, but last considerably less, go to

Barefoot is an awesome tool to your training arsenal, also.

I hope this helps you out, feel free to leave me your contact details via (brad moss), or (Binary), or (Binary), and We'll talk furhter.

All the best.