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5th Febuary: My thoughts and my story.

Posted this on .net after Elliots awesome post found here

I'd urge you to read Elliots post, to anyone who takes what they do seriously and wishes to open themselves up to that in life/Parkour/(insert what you live by here).

I know it's a long post, sorry, but I feel it's the most important I've written in general and personally for my reflection also.

Hey Elliot, awesome vid man, great to see.

I agree with most of what you say. My story is fairly alike in views.

I've seen a lot of transformations due to what I call Parkour (again using life and parkour interchangably at times).

The first two years were me jumping around having fun, getting better at things I thought were important because I felt for some reason it was just important to get better, I practiced for fun soley.

A year and ten or so month later I was in London with a few people, when they had to go and I was alone in London, not feeling particularly great or 'up for' 'training'. I went ot the Play Park at Jubliee Gardens, working with a few movements playing, learning, moving, and without realising it, the movements were just happening, I was moving without thinking, feeling my way through the movement and moments. I stopped; breathing heavily and and feeling alive.

I say that from those moments I started practicing Parkour, a few months after, learning how others trained physically, and other's perspective's of training and movement, my physcial training increased in intensity and type, seeing the importance of being physcially strong to exist in life, and to continue to exist in longtivity in something I love. I felt Parkour was important to BE strong, to help others, to be able in any situation, working on movements to cope for hypothetical situations, what if I needed to double back, what if it's raining, the movements and bettering them were the be all and end all.

The almost a year ago (I feels like a lot closer, this year has gone SOOOO VERY QUICKLY!). I started reading, bit and pieces, and something clicked, my eyes were opened to more. It's hard to explina, but things started to be put into perspective, learning that LIFE is the true training ground, shifting perspectives for the better, recovering from an ankle injury it was opening my eyes up to the world, practicing "Parkour" was incredibly limiting and confining. I started to enjoy the world more, finding the happiness in everything around us. Months developed as did my view on things. Aiming to improve my diet, to live fully our world can provide what we need to survive in foods etc so why shouldnt we only or generally eating that which is given, that which we have survived and evolved on for thousands of years? Also analysing my movements and the reasons behind them, what's more effective, what good is this movement when my posture is poor afterwards. What good is me being able to run away in my hypothetical situation, or achieve that Cat pass precision , when I go home and argue etc.

I developed a wrist probelm around August last year, after a period of my handbalancing being the best it ever had been, I was doing work in Portugal came home and it got worse, couldn't put any pressure on it, no press ups, dips or handstands. You could get angry at this, upset, scared, whatever, the key is to allow our perspectives and our reactions to the given situations we are presented with, to change, to adapt, to overcome, to see the humour in the seemingly serious, to allow the changes to happen like the weather changes around us, and to trust in the process of life, somethings don't need explaining, I have faith the answers may or may not come on my journey or after death, but I have faith that whatever happens is a part of what is supposed to happen for my development. My wrist injury allowed me to take a step back, there may well come a time when I cannot practice 'Parkour', when I cannot physcially move as I wish, I hope I can til the day I die, but it could happen. My training shifted to a new ground, "finding whats comfortable and making it uncomfortable". Only cold baths and showers, saying yes to things I would usually say no to, finding the challenges, lessons and teachings in life around me.

If you look through my blog, certain changes and lessons I've learnt are described in more detail, in particular my posts in January.
http://parkourbrad.blogspot.com/2008/01/4th-january-2008-3-years-of-practice.html ----4th Jan - 3 Years of 'Practice'
http://parkourbrad.blogspot.com/2008/01/7th-january-2008-mountain-path-of.html ----7th Jan - The Mountain Path of parkour
http://parkourbrad.blogspot.com/2008/01/26th-jan-small-step-can-make-big.html ----27th Jan - A Small step can make a big difference

Just something I've myself realised, I thought I wrote these three pieces AGES ago. Our time is precious, and as Elliot said you could stop 'Parkour' and do volunteer work and it would still be training, and help more people. The moments we live can never be replicated exaclty, every moment is unique, to lend our time to another is one of the highest thing you can do with your life, to serve and help others. There's a few developments possibly coming up that may allow me to write more on this subject, but life is your training ground.

Just talking to Luke on MSN,

Luke: "Reading won't help me"
Me: "Why"
Luke "Because reading and doing something scare, are different things"
Me: "Do you read much?"
Luke: "honestly. not really"
Me: "haha! heres my point and your FIRST lesson
'Does the scary thing' need to be Parkour? does it need to be a 'movement'? Reading books that can benefit you IS YOUR PRACTICE, it IS your scary thing....
we reject change and scary things because they are hard, why? because a period of discomfort is found when changing from one train of thought to another,
have the courage and faith to fight through that practice steadilty, and the change is there and a new part of you.
same in parkour, in life, in cooking, in talking...
Parkour is what you are currently using to make those changes with a set outcome and result....
it hit me and i wrote it one of my blogs
i made that cat pass precision ive been building up to for YEARS
once i did it, it didnt mean anything...
ive learnt HOW to overcome the fears in parkour, now i need to do so in life.
because my lifes muscles are weak.
what good is my cat pass when I eat poorly,
[b]what good am i being open to TRYING new movement, when I will not try to talk to a new person...[/b]

I'm going to leave it there, I know I've written much but those are my thoughts, I'm happy to try to help anyone who asks. Thanks for those who've taken the time to read it.

Take care all.


What we can do to help other people is a gift beyond all others.

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