Monday, March 03, 2008

3rd March 2008: Variance

Haha, I was going to post "A new start" or something but it seems there are so many "fresh starts" within people's training as one develops within Parkour, perhaps a change of direction is a better way of putting it.

I've had a week out of any movement training, been out skateboarding etc for a sort of break. Went out for a few hours today experimenting with some light movement and it felt great. To move in a play for again. The big old London gathering which happened not long ago was great to see and gave me an opportunity to help some others in thinking differently towards their movements and training.
[ Picture above, the Big London Gathering 17/2/2008 ]

Few weeks prior to that I'd been working for a on thinking and working on more practical movement. Lots of climbing and finger work a long with making movements more awkward, or rather working on movements/areas of the body which arent used much, the hips, ass back of knees, shins, sides etc. We will not always have the opportunity in life, or the luxury to be on our feet, facing forwards at an obstacle, have our eyes open, have our breathing slow and controlled.

Again as was said before, finding whats uncomfortable and making it comfortable. The movements I were playing with today weren't so much as difficult or uncomfortable, just neglected, and thats how it all feeling in general now, things are starting to come within my stride so to speak, just negelected or not tried before. Once you develop and FIND how to use and train movement in all/any forms, be it skateboarding, Juggling, Acrobatics, Parkour etc, the thought processes carry over deeply and influence all form of movement, by analysing the movements, understanding your body's requirements for the given movement, and using your training to then make the movement a reality. Below are some very small clips of a few movements, again these aren't about showing the extent of an ability merely using spaces practically for situational training.

As I've been saying to a few people recently, Parkour is not about perfection, we won't always have the luxury of being on our feet, vary you're training for what YOU (personally) train for, maybe concentrate on staying low, move effectively sitting, sliding, blind (Kie), all things we can do to benefit ourselves (within moderation) and benefit our relationship to the environment around us and how react to the obstacles in our daily life.

look up Luke Sims' Movement vid (sliding) and Kie's Blind Training Video, or any of my vids with movement tags.

Clips from today. - Rolling variations. - Keeping low.

happy training,


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