Monday, April 07, 2008

11th April: Another perspective.

After a few weeks break from intensive training, I got moving again and working hard around Rochford and Southend, going with the movement and concentrating on climbing, and alternative movements for given situations to learn more about moving through/in an environment.

On Wednesday 2nd April I headed off down to Maidstone in Kent to stay and train with John Bartlett ('Serious'). Just got back today. I spent the week learning more about diet and foods, along with basic yoga methods towards stretching.

Waking up at a good time in the morning and stretching for 30-60 minutes. Over the past days I've already seen a good improvement and areas that need improving so I shall continue to stretch with what I have learnt and practiced. Also, on the nutrition front, John seems to know his stuff, he had me drinking spinach, broccoli and carrot smoothies, as I and most people in general don;t eat enough vegetables. I really struggled the first time around but, by yesterday and today, it was getting a lot easier.

Polyjuice Potion :-p

Again, it's funny how we adapt through our practices.

The training: Well John lives on the edge of a VERY big park, Mote Park, which is full of Trees, an AWESOME kids park, and plenty of rails for balancing and moving on. One of the highlights however has to be, the affectionately named, "Awesome Tree". It's huge and with so many prospects. In general I have issues with working above ground so I used the opportunity to train in a more "off ground" scenario, working with large laches, swinging laches to precisions, along with balancing and movement in an unstable setting.

Once strength and a good technical ability are obtains through years worth of smaller training, I believe the mind is often neglected, fears hinder our progression and psychological processes slow down our progression through Parkour. However, with the correct attitude and applications of training we can overcome them as we overcome the walls, ledges and gaps around us physically. Having faith in our ability when you are ready to do so is a gift beyond all others, and allows greater freedom through movement and within life. So after a few solid hours, I was moving through the tree quite easily (in my opinion) and doing things I've not even tried before in my normal environments let alone in trees.

We also spent a fair amount of time at the play park where there was a disused swing set, and it was the most amount of fun I've had in a very long time on such a simple structure.

Working on gapped jumps to the "uprights", swinging, spinning, hanging, balancing, to set positions on both the floor and the set, there's SO much to do in such a basic area as this. Two killer days with John, Kevin, and Alex, made my shoulders and Delts Die!!

Myself and John discussed an awful lot about Parkour and training methods which I wont go into as you had to be there really, but I believe for our intellectual development, we should allocate time to discuss our beliefs and reasons for training and again asking the question. WHY?

Below is a little form some of my writings on Parkour.

What really matters...
Parkour as a discipline.

To those who try to live by Parkour. We devote the way we live to effective movement, helping other people, physical training, problem solving, mental training (in terms of state of mind and constant conscious thought of bettering ourselves through progressive conscious decisions), and to enjoy these principles as much as possible.

Parkour or the art I practice, seems to be a continually growing mountain, with areas you can rest or take shelter if you desire, but the individuals mentality should push us onwards and remind us not to rest and stay still for too long.

Taking the Way of Action is vital.

As far as I can tell from my training and life through parkour/movement so far, there is no summit or peak to reach, no final destination.

Does this matter? Do we need a final destination or goal? I feel my goal in life is to be happy. Happiness is all any of us should be aiming for, practicing what makes us happy. How great does it feel when you've created something new, tried something new, or succeeded in something you previously thought wasn't possible? I find amazement, bliss and happiness form progressing and learning through life, learning our way up the mountain path.

Have a direction and general heading, leading towards achieving your goals progressively, leading onwards to a higher please towards happiness, and fulfilling the challenges you set yourself to achieve.

To Feel complete, to feel that we have reached the best we can be is to stagnate, and spiritually to die, we can ALWAYS learn, and always create, and as Traceurs or people who strive on the challenges around us, we must continue to head upward and onwards within the mountain of life.

People are different, as mentioned in earlier posts, your goals may be different to mine and with respect, others who do not share mine, yours our our goals, may believe Money and material possessions are more important and may be the focus of their journey. We should try to teach and help others see our way, but some people will not see as you or I see, and so we must respect their decisions and choices and remain hopeful, that one day, they will say, "I understand what you were talking about now". As David Belle stated at the end of his request to Traceurs at the end of Duncans', Lisses and Parkour documentary "Pilgimage". (Thanks to Duncan for his reiteration of David's words and these remain property of him).

"Teach these people,

If you understand Parkour - then pass that knowledge on to others - to children, to friends, to those whose knowledge is twisted or incomplete. If you are uncertain then open your eyes and ears and learn.

There is only one Parkour and it is the method that was passed to David by his father - all other disciplines are to be respected, but they are OTHER disciplines, yet the true parkour is out there. It is known and the number of people who understand it is growing."

"If you Wish to help - if you are a true Traceur at heart - then you will not simply run forward alone, but you will reach back and help another forward with you."

For me, in this passage, the word Parkour can easily be interchanged with "life", and I believe if we all took this stance on life, a stance and outlook which is prevalent with the serious parkour community, our world will truly be a better place.



Anonymous said...

You forgot the garlic apple whey protein and ginger in the smoothie ;)

Bradley Moss. said...

heh, cheers John! Keep the comments coming people, let me know who you are!

Paul said...

Hey, so are you noticing increases in your flexibility by doing it 30-60 minutes each morning?

Bradley Moss. said...


Paul said...

Do you do isometric stretching or just calm?

Duncan Alan McLean said...

An interesting read ... I'll have to think about trying some of your snot smoothie ... ;)

In the last year or two, there's been a HUGE upswing in people really living parkour, rather than just practicing it now and then, and your post is totally in that spirit. It's funny how more and more people are arriving at the same beliefs, even though everyone's coming at them from a different angle. Tolerance, dedication, happiness, and generosity ... they're nothing new, but they go really well together, and for the first time, they're starting to come OUT of parkour. In other words, instead of people who were ALREADY all those things getting into PK, we're actually beginning to see people who DIDN'T hold those values, learn them. To me, that's a very good sign, and I hope it keeps up.

Thanks for the post, I appreciate you spreading David's message even further. =)


Lecko said...

awesome tree is awesome :D shame its getting "trimmed", a lot of my recent progression has been based around my time in that tree.

really good post man, got me thinking about some things, shame i missed the chance to train with you the other week.

respect, lecko.