Sunday, May 25, 2008

25th May '08: "Brad In a Box."

Had to write a statement for the overhaul which will be up and live VERY shortly, I've had many people asking where I;m from and how long I've been practicing so here's a very short version of my Parkour journey.

"The beginning on my journey through Parkour nd movement began in early 2005 where after watching Jump Britain, was convinced to work on Parkour a little more thoroughly, from a background of skateboarding. I loved skateboarding but found myself being very aggressive while practicing, Parkour gave me peace and a competition free 'arena' to move within. I thought Parkour was about jumping and doing big things, and for around a year and a half I continued in this way, training semi regularly and just doing things for the sake of doing them. After the beginning of meeting people who had been training for longer I realised the importance of physical training and acquiring and surpassing the strength for the movements I was working on, and so physical conditioning and new training methods were Incorporated.

I say I started and discovered Parkour Late 2006, Training around London on my own and movement took a hold of me, everything I was doing flowed and difficult and 'unconventional' movements felt normal and flowed through me. So from Around Nov 2006 I say I started practicing Parkour. Through this acquired albeit limited understanding of movement and training, I searched for methods and guidance for living more constructively through life. Through reading and training physically I developed a mentality of training through everything, be it walking, sitting or interacting with others. We can all learn so much from the adversity in our lives, and opening our awareness enables us to do this. So my thoughts are life and 'Parkour' are interchangeable, I live by learning, to better myself so I can better help other people. The time we have is precious and we will never get another second back, nor will we relive any moment exactly the same, so to spend our time on helping others is the most amazing thing we can do with our time and lives."

Anyways, only a short update as I;'ve been and still am pretty busy, working my ass off for America of which I leave to in about...... 18 days now! CANNOT WAIT! For those who do not know, heading to Island Lake Sports and Arts Camp to teach Parkour and learn/work on the circus program! I;ve been working 3 part time jobs in order to get cash for the trip and possible travelling and living afterwards for a month.

Anyways gonna leave it as that. Will try to write something up before I go away!

Happy training enjoy your summer!