Monday, October 13, 2008

24th October '08 - Changing Winds.

Well, I'm back home and back into my old job and old routines... well, some. :-)

Coming back home to an old lifestyle is dificult when you've been spending months adapting to a new one in a different country, with different people, different cultures, different locations. I was happy to be back and seeing people I missed but it was hard getting back into the swing of 'training', as free time was allocated to other things and getting settled. Only over the past week have I been getting out, but I've been questioning what I'm doing both 'out training' and training in life; and so, this blog is a little bit about that and how our mentalities and relationships to training differs.

I was out training with Oli on Friday, I'd been out a few times before hand with numerous people getting back to grips with my terrain and movement training within it. Friday however was a real conundrum, before I went out with Oli, I was training solo; I went out to regular spots, had a fun little play and gentle movement warm up, working on movements in some spaces that I'd not thought of or practiced before, but still unable to gain a decent level of awareness, noticing I'm more conscious of those around me and how they are perceiving what I'm doing, which was very unusual. I dis care in the past and had other in mind at all times, but now I was worried what they thought Even though I was doing nothing wrong. Maybe it was a matter of not training alone much recently, maybe it's being back in a country that is more opinionated and vocal about it... I'm unsure, however my feelings are an uncertainty in what I'm doing and the areas I'm training, but movements, ideals and locations.

I was planning to go back to Rochford from Southend in order to work there and get used to training 'at home' before venturing to Southend, but Oli called and we met up and started training down by the seafront.

(I'm aware there's a lot of "I"'s in this part, please bear with me, we're getting there!)

We were talking about our training and "Parkour" as a practice, Oli mentioned he feels he's learnt more beneficial things in Judo than Parkour, I disagreed on my training and the time I've spent in Parkour has been the most beneficial guide in my life and I truly believe I'd be in a dark place without it. My movements, and ideals for training has changed an awful lot this year, from setting challenges such as cold showers, no meat, no eating, and things, I was asking the question how have these things truly benefitted me? What have I learned? I HAVE indeed learnt things, but the process is in vain when I change my diet, but the rest of it is lacking.... lack of concentration or awareness to catch myself while doing it. However I feel that time has changed.

Further on, we were talking about books and nutrition, areas that we needed to discuss and figure out, so I'm going to list the key points and rules I've laid down for myself and my training that I feel are important to my well being and development in life, working with Parkour and practicing functional movement within my own personal practices.

1. Fixing the excuses.

I've noticed in life, we all make excuses for all sorts of things in life, not doing homework, not tidying up after ourselves, not training today, not going that extra yard, not putting in that extra little bit of training, having a break and eating that chocolate bar... But what good are they? If you really want to better yourself or do something, just do it, know the actions and consequences but do what you need to be doing. In (parkour) training I notice myself making up excuses, I'm too tired, not today, I want to act and become a master of action rather than words, and to do that, put your words and mind aside and do what needs to be done. Last night out training with Mike and Ant, I was working on the sitting bar, drop-back leg swing, hands to bar (the last thing on my new york video), first of all I didn't want to becuase it was scary, but I know I can, so I did, in the setting sun, made a few mistakes but got up and practiced what I needed to. Our excuses are no good and I finally see that lesson from my reading and now, own life experiences.

There's always the but it seems, I now aim to see why, see it, and then fix it.

2. Diet and Nutrition.

Okay, March this year I decided to stop eating meat, I realised I've never been through a period in my life where I've not eaten meat so I stopped, my diet around that definatly improved and all so from reading my body type is more acustomed to vegetenarianism, I still eat fish on occasion, not regularly though. Point being although diet had improved, it still wasn't good enough... If I can take meat away surely I can cut out the rest of the non beneficial foods and keep eating natural foods, and only that which will benefit me. Eat what I need, eat small amounts regulalry through the day, eat only that which will benefit my body, for growth, repair, and sustaining energy.

3. Areas of Training.

I am looking into 'simple' natural and practical ways of testing my body, mind and spirit, in the eonvironemnts, I've done this in the past with fasting, cold water, etc, but I'm going to continue this at a regular occurance with things like swimming in the sea regulalrly over winter,d ealing with cold water and practicing swimming, only my own means of transport (foot or bike) and as of 2009, I am beginning my "Year of Barefoot". I spent a fair bit of time being barefoot and I noticed a lack in knee/ankle problems, along with greater jumping, sensitivity (OBV). I've got a slackline on the way which I'll be exercising on and conditioning my legs and hopefully the balance training will generally lead to great sensitivity and balance. I'll also be continuing decent, varied and difficult exercises strengthening upper and lower body along with my will through cardio in both running and swimming (When I can get in the sea with all the tattoos I keep adding).

The Past few days has opened up my awareness and I'm catching myself as my actions and movements and actions are becoming too routine and controlled by instinct rather than within my control, in the choices I make and how I relate to the changing world around me, I'm working on keeping this through fully immersing myself in continual progression in my behaviours and actions.

A reminder, again from the one book which has made the biggest difference in my life "WISDOM IS DOING"

So yeah really, again this blog took ages to write, been busy with the British Parkour Coaching Association had a meeting in Crawley and got some really excited stuff sorted with Jason Matten, Liv Rowlands and David Sedgley, including a real first in the community which will be on the way early 2009!

Having read Eliot's and jin's blog posts, found (HERE FOR JIN'S) and (HERE FOR ELIOT'S) and it seems to me that we are going through one and the same thing, it's really interesting, that although we keep in moderate contact, go our own ways, do our own training in our personal areas, we are all one and the same and generally united through beliefs and mentalities.

Next post, I'll try to include some more of my writings about Parkour and my takes on training, and hopefully I'll be able to get it written and posted in one day not a week or two!

Happy training, and yes Jin, we do need to meet up! Always welcome to stay down here.