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8th of November 2008 - The underlying practice.

Below is a post I posted on Parkour Generation's forums, however, I wanted to share it with my friend's and to all who are wanting to better themselves in life. Reading it I hope you realise it's simplicity but truth and can use it to open your eyes to knowing yourself, and lviing life more effectivly and fully. It touches on points raised before, but I feel this post was written more conssicely and has batter carry through to all, as oposed to those who practice sports and Parkour:


Movement is essential for life, our hearts move and pump by their nature in order to displace blood to our muscles and enable a larger movement.

My goals change with realisations I encounter in life and it's practice; so, this in an ongoing "statement" or whatever you'd like to call it.

I practice to be strong and useful in order to be able to act and help others when in need. I believe in practicing all aspects of life in order to gain a better understanding of self to better help and relate my experiences to others to benefit them within their lives should they desire my help.Without a good personal understanding of ability, knowledge and experience, I feel you can help people only on a minimal level.

"Time" - We will never get any time we 'spend' back, nor can we predict the future. Sure we can make realistic assumptions based on current situations and using the experience we have gathered to make an realistic guess. However, we do not know for sure and that fact should always be remembered. No matter how many times we practice that cat pass and climb up on that same wall, no matter how many times we ask a stranger for a time or go to sleep.

NEVER will these event/situations be the same.

Every moment is unique and so, we should be paying attention to all aspects of the moment in hand, if we open out awareness up to the NOW, understanding how you can be using that time constructivly and living it as safely, effectivly and efficiently as possible, then you are LIVING, in my opinion. Here and Now.

I aim to practice everything I need to do in life, whether it be vault a rail to get to work, or spend my time "socialising", it is all practice.We each have to ask and answer, our own individual "Why?"-questions to gain a decent understaning of where we are, who we are, and what we wish to do.

In relation to Parkour and movement, I understand, the Potential importance of Parkours movements, to run, hunt chase, and help; but in essence.. how often will these skills be used and employed for a real need? True we do not know, but in my life, I feel it more important to practice the things, currently I am needing to be able to do to progress in everyday life; As a Youth Worker, it's important for me to recall my experiences and apply them to things Young people are going through to benefit them, through that I also need to make sure my body language is open and firendly, coupled with being able to talk concisely and efficiently.

Regarding sport specific practice, for an athlete who's JOB it is to be better at their practice they shoud, but for Traceurs, to LIVE effectivly, surely we should practice life, to get better at it?

Find what you need to do, and practice it, get better everyday.... to which I recall Martin Lauther King Jr's great quote,

"If a man is to be called a streetsweeper, he should sweep streets as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespeare wrote poetry, He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, "Here lived a great streetsweeper who did his job well."

I practice Parkour within my life, and I practice life with the morals of Parkour in mind, Safety, effectiveness, effeciency, to devote my time to others, as to me, that's the most amazing thing you can do with your life, and with the time you will never reclaim.Brad


bobby said...

i kinda see what your saying but i feel like your only scratching the surface. if you go deeper.. what is the point in living efficiently effectively and safely.

sure the martin luther quote was poetic and beautiful but really it wasnt the truth. it was just words with no REAL meaning past a superficial level.

i dont think the truth can be spoken off it can only be pointed towards "he who speaks does not know, he who knows does not speak"

thank you for the article it is interesting and a part of me agrees with you and a part of me feels that the topic goes wayyyy deeper.
peace out

Livewire said...

What bobby said.

Bradley Moss. said...

I agree to an extent, it's all very well saying that but to explain it is the key to it all. For sure we are still all learning and developing as we progress in Parkour and life, but until we understand the next phase of our journey we should make more sense of our current level.

I'd like you to explain more if you can.

My reasons for living simply, safely, efficiently and to others is my choice. I feel on our progression onwards through life and Parkour we should hold these ideals to make steady progress, being safe, not wasting time or energy and helping others along their paths should they wish it. I'd like to hear more on your ideals.

As we spoke about earlier Bobby, sometimes words are indeed futile and things need ot be done to show, but your statements helps little without the rest, be it "evidence" or explanation. I'd like to hear more of your thoughts too Tim,

bobby said...

yes that makes sense that you feel those are good ways to live to help you to progress to higher understanding. when i first read it i felt like you were saying that is the way you should live and its kind of the highest goal.
but if you see it as a good way to structure your life to progress then i think its quite an interesting thought because you can see parallels in zen buddhism about achieving awakening through practice and through obaying the "rules" thats what the metaphore about the eight fold path is about.

although even in buddhism it says these are not rules just guidelines.

so i gues all i would say is theres no best way to live your life and from my current perspective i can see no real reason for existence so i thought it seemed futile to talk about things like efficiency but that was with my previous understanding of what you were trying to say.

i should read less existentialism its scary :p haha
peace out dude train soon

Eightyeightdays said...
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Eightyeightdays said...

I think to question doing anything efficiently is like saying why pay one price when you can pay more money for the same thing? Why live efficiently when you can waste time and energy not getting what you want?
I also think that something is only as superficial as you perceive it to be. Everything we do is through choice, so therefore if we choose to do something we should put all our energy, our love into it. Unless you are consciously choosing to do things that you don't really want to do!
To me it's not important to question existence, since we are in existence. It's like dwelling on the past, because unless you wish to kill yourself, your existence is just something that IS. No matter what you choose to read or discuss it makes no real difference in the end. If all you study is words, then all you know is words, and words are just a concept. The world you live in now is full of real beings and real events. Action and intention is what matters. To me people get caught up in their thoughts too much, but in the end it is never a thought that changes the situation it is the action.
Use your energy to do what you want, and don't waste your time thinking too much.
There is a huge difference between having insight and compassion and this whole thinking thing people seem to be hooked on.
Are you pondering what I'm pondering brain?

bobby said...

yeah i have'nt looked at it that way before.
i guess from one side there is no point in thinking about it. but i cant help but have loads of existential crisis' wondering what's the point in any thing.
i think its because when i do parkour i at least try to do it for non ego reasons eg not so that people will be impressed or so that i can get money from it. that makes me think.. why am i doing parkour and that makes me think why the am i doing any thing. i gues your saying theres no point worrying about it and just get on with it because that mite make me happier. i agree with you but i cant controll my mind from its wanderings. i also find there is a positive side to those thoughts i find them liberating in a way because it makes me see things as less serious and as if im just a spec in the universe so i can do any thing i want no matter what every one else thinks i should do or is normal. (not do any thing without thought of how it would affect other people, gotta be nice too :p)

any way i do apoligise for if i came across as offensive to any one if i did i think i was having a bad day / depressing existential crisis lol.

peace outtx

bobby said...

also sorry for my dyslexic retard hard to read writing.

oh yeah also elliot im not sure i believe in free will because surely every thing is governed by events that happened to us in the past ? im almost defiantly sure that thats over reading in to it again though.. shut up minddd

Bradley Moss. said...

In my opinion, we do have free will, whether you wish to believe it or not, we as a species are not entirely governed by our past. Our attachments and conditioned beliefs are imperminant as I am reading about in some buddhist writings. We have the power to chose the level or dominance our experiences have over us. Much how people surrender to God/Jesus and forgive their sins etc, or how we can, through out own practices change how we relate to the events we experience here and now, and those that have passed before us.

We are governed yes, our food choices are generally governed by what others can provide for us, so in a sense we are controlled, but HOW we relate our attitudes and life TO those controls is the key, Do not resist as such, work with them to live a peaceful life, but remain true to yourself as you go.

Eightyeightdays said...

I think the tendency is for people to unconsciously create their present and future out of the past, therefore it may seem that we are all bound by what has happened before. For example, if someone invited you to a party, you would draw upon memories of other parties and try to construct an idea of what it may be like, and then make your decision based on your idea. So if you choose to go, your experience of the actual party will be defined and tainted by your own perceptions and preconceptions. This is also very true when interacting with other people, for example when we say (or have an idea) that 'so and so' is moody, or that 'so and so' is selfish. Life becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, where you constantly prove yourself 'right', even if being 'right' has negative consequences.
I also feel that people hold others responsible for their situation in life, and never personally take responsibility, for example blaming your parents or the government for the life you have. I believe it's just escapism, and that as long as you hold someone else accountable for your life you will never be happy or empowered. But you can feel safe telling yourself that someone else, some other force outside of your own power is to blame for everything.
When it comes down to it what is more beneficial to believe, that we are slaves to the past, slaves to an unseen government 'them', or that we have all the power we need to change our lives or just be happy living them the way they are?
I think Bobby, that whatever you are doing, if you don't know why you are doing it then you should just stop until you come to some sort of conclusion about it, instead of doing things out of habit or some other unseen drive.
Something very fundamental is that whether you are at the pinnacle of enlightenment, or just at the beginning of the journey, you still have a life to live. Supposing that all your questions were answered, you would still have to wake up tomorrow and do whatever it is you choose to do, with whatever reasons you have for doing it. And that is why I feel that it is often a waste of time to worry about, to question and to contemplate life.
All there ever is to do is to just just live!

Bradley Moss. said...

Very well put and I wriote about using past experience for the present and future outcomes in one of my other posts... erm, added here

We are or at least, CAN BE governed by our past attatchments, but the key to REALISE is that they are impremanant, we can change them through conscious practice and oppositte training.

We can gain the the control from past and conditioned learning, we just need to see the behaviour and have the will to change it.

Eightyeightdays said...