Thursday, February 26, 2009

26th February 2009 - What's going on.


Not a particularly substantial post intended here, merely to share some information and what I'm up to at the moment, to note it to myself, and for any followers of my blog.

So 2009's been pretty busy and great so far, I'm training loads in many different areas of life/Parkour, I'm also undergoing training, which will result in becoming a Qualified Youth Support Worker (Level 2), which will help out in general, very interesting course so far.

Pushing onwards will physical fitness, lot's of repetition, running, and challenges, feeling in really good shape. Had a little ankle niggling which I'm resting over the next few weeks to get it a bit more healed up.

The BPCA is progressing well, Coaching Assessment next week, of which hopefully they'll pass and we'll have some more BPCA Qualified Coaches.

I've been saving money to go towards flights back to the US, with the intention of heading back to my Summer Camp, Island Lake of which I can't wait, to back in the environment and back with my kids!

Writing, I'm currently doing a piece on Communication and Inforamtion within Parkour, which I'm loving to write, think about and develop, so, keep posted for a big old article :-)

I'm back wearing Feiyues, (The cheap fake ones), they are soooo comfy, and I'm bringing shoes down a notch to head back out training/running barefoot.


Few links to pieces that may benifit you from watching and continue growing and developing within life.

The Nature of Challenge - Parkour Documentay: Possibly the most accurate and beneificial explaination and documentation of Parkour.

Onii - Other Ways: A great Parkour video, some real effective and interesting ways of moving.

"Jangerary" - Teige's January training: Fast Effective movement.

Movnat: Erwan's progression on his training, closely akinned to Hebert's Natural Method.

"Law of Averages" - Chris Rowat's Blog/article: Little bit dramatised (imo) but a good read and something that should be considered within training.

"The Human Machine" - Video: An Awesome video about David Goggins, Ultra Marathon Runner

Monday, February 02, 2009

Parkour - The Nature Of Challenge (1/4)

A true representation and explanation of Parkour and developing the spirit of the discipline, within.