Sunday, April 26, 2009

In the most unlikely of places: 28th April '09


Hey all again, well few things have changed, few things have happened and a few things to come so I thought I'd update this old blog of mine =].

Well since my last update, I had a long hard thing and decided to stay in the UK as opposed to going back to America to work this year. I have a lot going on here, such as my Youth Work Qualifications, The British Parkour Coaching Association, my local Parkour community and much I feel I want to be involved with within my community as a whole, so I am staying put.

I'm planning on getting away to Lisses sometime as well as continue to travel, meet and train with people around the UK.

I've starting doing more climbing of late as a continual challenge, but unfortunately, since March/April I've had a few problems within motivation and direction within life, for a while I just felt very, very lost, and, although generally I am an underlying 'happy', feeling a little low/depressed from not knowing what do do or what I'm doing, or even what I want to do. It was all very odd.

Blog Entry--- Anyways, with the need for direction, a series of unfortunate events gave me new eyes and direction. And so this blog is for those who are having or have momentary lapses in motivation. ---

Getting off the tube at Loughton, a woman tripped up a curb and hit her chin on the floor, she started bleeding a little, myself and two other men ran over to help and then a woman arrived saying she was a trainee paramedic and took over the situation. -

An hour or two later, I was helping out at a coaching session, and a freak slip resulted in a young man breaking his wrist. I was with him and was doing what I could until the ambulance and paramedics arrived.

A few hours later and on the way home from this, the realism of what we do struck me again, we cheat odds and do 'extraordinary' things when you really look at it, because we or should, be paying extreme and absolute attention to them, but sometimes it still isn't good enough, at any time; a lack of attention, a momentary lapse of faith, depleted belief or perhaps, 'an act of God', can flip us upside down and turn us away from where we were, by injury, obstacle or any other similar factor etc.

No matter how hard we try, train, or practice, these things CAN (or) MAY happen, although we reduce the likelihood of these be doing the above. I'd a big cycle of irony AND a good motivation to keep moving, keep learning, keep working hard to avoid what could happen. This is where the practicing Parkour religiously, ideal may stem from, the faith you must maintain in self in order to live effectively, safely and to do what you must do to better yourself, for the benefit of others.

So after having motivation issues and needing something to help me find direction and focus, this experience, seen as a lesson, helped me re-see the realism of what we do, and WHY we need to keep training, WHY things are never good enough, and WHAT I need to do currently.

On Wednesday, helping out at a different local workshop, and training a little bit afterwards til sunset, I visited a friend, left hers at 11ish to walk/jog home. I turned the corner and saw a man and a bike on the floor, I ran over and assessed the situation. The man was conscious, some possessions were over the floor and he was crawling and trying to get up. I aided him and he stumbled back down, I helped him out of the road and over to a wall to support him, and asked what happened, he said he hadn't been hit by a car or anything and didn't want an ambulance. By this time I smelt a fair bit of alcohol on his breath and proceeded cautiously; as he was a big guy and could have easily turned on me, fueled by alcohol. I collected his things, and handed him his bike, and when I was happy he was safe (as he could be for now) I started walking home, calling the police, to check on the guy as he had a cut on his head from the fall. They arrived as I was leaving the area and did whatever they needed to with him.

This week opened my eyes to the need for further knowledge in emergency aid and common factors that can and do affect people. My experiences have helped me realise I need to be prepared to help others, and so enrolling in some further emergency aid courses and doing further reading into these areas, would benefit me and in tern others, greatly.

I also need to be ready to defend myself if needs be, alongside my physical ability to move and overcome the challenges in movement and life. To be honest I 'knew' these things and did little with that knowledge. "Wisdom is doing" so we must work proactively toward the knowledge gained, when gained, to adapt, and grow mentally, spiritually and physically.

In Summary:
Pay attention, our experiences are there to learn from. Question and always ask what can be learnt from this. Could be coincidence and life itself, or, what seems to be a little more realistic at times, 'God' or the energy of the universe, guiding us and allowing us to work through life, and help acquire the knowledge we need to live, happy, wholesome lives.