Wednesday, September 15, 2010

15th September 2010: Progress and Apologies

Hey all!

The lack of updates has not been from having nothing to say, but more actually doing and acting upon things.

Perhaps it would be useful to list some events and experiences I’ve been through on my ongoing exploration and development since my last post at least, as best as I can.


- Interest and development in Longboarding as a FUNctional mode of transport, other than running or cycling.
- Ongoing work with the Southend Youth Service/Connexions and Summer programs, using movement/life work focused on fun and useful movement out within the community.
- More reading, various non-fiction subject and topics, mostly regarding constructive living, perspectives and world views.


- Nigeria trip with New Foundations, assisting in work and 103_0652experiencing some of the issues faced to the people of remote areas of Nigeria. (SEE PICS HERE) >>
- Started a 2 month trial of Veganism.
- Finishing up some Parkour coaching projects in Benfleet at Legacy XS.
- Researching volunteering options/projects all over the country.
- Joined a few people who go out into Southend on Tuesday nights, to be with the hungry, homeless and those in need of assistance one way or another.
- Work and volunteering at a few festivals.
- Southend YMCA taking me on a working as a Youth Worker for various projects. 3 Week long film projects through 103_1120Southend, Hullbridge and Rayleigh.
- Camping with friends in the Peak District. >>


- Coaching Parkour at Soul Survivor Week C. >>
- Lots of planning for work at the Youth Centres across Southend.
- Started a new job with the YMCA as Southchurch College as a learning support worker.

And…. as of Friday I will be starting my PTLLS course, which is, effectively an intensive course with teaching methods etc.

I really didn’t feel like I’ve been up to much sometimes but it’s nice seeing it listed there. Good for recording it in a visual way.

So, last post was a mixture of frustration and motivation, and from it, if I’m honest, things went well but then through ups and downs, as vague as that expression is.

Regardless, over the last few weeks, I’ve been feeling a lot more on top of things, resulting from having enough of the way things are (yet again) and living what I know and believe to be real, good and true.

Once again, this [life] is a large area, but the search for truth has lead to me feeling happier with where I am, what I’m doing and my place within it. I feel like I am impacting upon some of the negativity present around our local areas, and somehow, it’s resulted in paid work, a happy, honest, working relationship, motivation for work and having the confidence  and drive to be the change we need in our spaces. The money being earned is mostly going back into certain community programs and ideas to help others join in within helping those around us, love and share with one another..(not that money is needed for it, but it can help)

Ongoing goals include moving into a house with 3 or 4 others who have a passion for serving Southend, living love through sharing between ourselves and spreading that out around us. This would mean I’m nearer to work and the friends I have made; nearer to a town that’s given me so much and is in desperate need.

In Reflection: After re-reading my last blog post, I think my search has been making progress… I mean, it’s taken me to a ‘mad’ part of the world, and put me in contact with some amazing people, I just thought it would turn out differently, maybe more Parkour related or something etc, but, nonetheless, work ethic has improved and things are moving forward and opportunities have been presenting themselves in areas I believe in.

The main aim over this period of change and challenge has just been to curb the poor behaviours that can and may lead harm to myself and others. To DO what needs to be done, whatever it takes in order to live as one should, blessing others with gifts we all too often overlook or miss out altogether in our “business” of daily life. As mentioned in the previous post, this has come from the search for truth, what it is, and how to live it. 

- Through the way I’ve trained through Parkour, I look at problems and attempt to work out solutions. This lead to me seeing the problems around, I believe, stemming from our behaviours and in turn, actions, interwoven with pessimism, hopelessness, apathy, deceit, and fear.

These things I believe to be reasons for our poor choices which lead to negative issues for ourselves and for others. So I am avoiding these things, they have no place in my life. Yes I may and will slip up in areas, but by MY choices, I am working on it, and I must improve. Our poor choices lead and impact others, good choices, minimize these risks.

The last few weeks have been an eye opener, certain challenges in my behaviour and actions have been easier that I would have thought and lead to an increase in knowledge or instinct of what needs to be done in certain situations. I’ve just been putting faith in the process of life and hoping it’ll all shape up one way or another.

I’m done for now, just needed to update, hopefully there was something useful for you this time round. I need to admit some hypocrisy of late; some advice I’d given that I hadn’t taken myself. I recomended to a few friends to post up and share their ongoing thoughts, tracking their development and to allow for others who share in their story, for the reader to gain experience and show that we all struggle. Helping one another move towards the goodness we all long for. I’m sorry for this, and I will do my best to rectify this.

Had this thought earlier in relation to Parkour and life…

- As the practice gifts us worldly things, it results in the world impacting us and our take on something transcendent; making us selfish over giving; complacent instead of sensitive to the true needs of the environments and importantly the people within it. The practice should allow us to impact everything else, not just for it to change us.

Now I'm in better work patterns, I should be able to fit more training and exercise back in, which I’m looking forward to, especially as the challenge of winter approaches.



Hotel Alpha said...

Wow, nice adventure!
I would like to try Parkour or freerunning some time!


good i like that


Wow,very nice adventure!
I would like to try Parkour or freerunning some time!