Friday, November 12, 2010

November 7th- 2th 2010: Leap

Well, this has been a mad Oct/Nov, so much happening and moving, I'm just astounded to be honest.

There have been some real ups and downs in the continuing development of my life and faith and combining the two harmoniously; but yet again, the undergoing realisations and events have lead me to learn, challenge and grow. I have noticed through my walk, choices that are made for me and of me, be it on a whim or consciously, results in being late, and generally getting myself in a real mess. But then, refocussing my attention to truth, and love through the word of Jesus, things click into place, and enriches the situations I find myself and others within.

I can't argue against it any-more.

To do so, given the evidential months, revealing events and general ongoing experiences, would require a larger leap faith or belief than to actually believe in the truth of Jesus, and live my life accordingly.

I have been blessed and shown some amazing strength through areas of my own weakness' and opportunities opening up within them. Over the next months, there is an option of moving onwards, to a new town and to drastically start over, in terms or organisation, location, possessions and focus of work. I need to decide by the end of November and moving in, by January.

I have had enough of letting my past dictate my actions and choices here, now and ongoing.

I have to move forward with that which I believe to be truth and my life needs to reflect these beliefs.

I need to learn to trust my changing eyes.

I am still feeling a calling to remain in and work within Southend, and the move would allow this, although being outside of Southend, it is probably a better location, coupled with being in a Christian household, creating immediate and focused accountability through my living environment, which I believe is needed in order for me to fully work out what it means to live more effectively, learning to love and share.

I've been after a 'drastic change' for some months now... seems I've got an opportunity to be practically, 'baptised' by location and living environments, lets see where I am wanted and what's given to me by the end of the month.

I believe all options and experiences are lessons for us to learn from, let us all trust in the process of our lives, love, learn and share, to further ourselves in the world and lives we've been gifted with. Let us have the eyes to see these lessons, and humility enough to let our hearts be changed by them for the better.