Monday, January 31, 2011

Feb 1st 2011 - Here and Now.

So, hey peeps! Happy 2011, February already... wow!

November was my last post, as as my good friend Zak will jest... "THATS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!"

So basically, as a part of my resolve and ongoing journey and life practice, I will do my best to share my thoughts quicker, as and when they happen, and get them up here...

Often my writings get started and they stay half finished in the blog admin area here... (grrr)

As a part of my life and spiritual clear out, I'll share them out of respect for our collective oneness and the fact that so many times I've seen and heard people thankful for sharing my thoughts, I'll add old parts that haven't been finished to future pieces/updates.

So, Lets get some past out... This was written in relation to beliefs and getting stuff done... unsure where it was going, but at the time, I'm sure it needed restating.

"Thoughts and beliefs" 
-Only way to succeed in anything is to try. 
-With conscious trying/learning, we CAN improve. 
-The world/life is full of problems 
-The world is desperate for people to solve problems. 
-You CAN do it.

Yes it's easier said with done... but again, put small challenges in your way, that gradually progress... you get used to discomfort... so when it comes, bang! You smash through!

29th of December 2010 saw my hit 2 years of dreadlocks... epic journey of growth and patience...

My dad's been rather ill throughout Nov/December, but been on the 'mend' steadily. Been quite scary as it goes, just gotta keep the love going.

-- Where am I? --

Here and Now... I've moved to Benfleet, to live in a more focused household, closer to one of my jobs and yeah, to basically give myself and real and physical fresh start, and to be fair, it has helped, a lot.

Here I am, in my room :D >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I was baptised on the 16th of January, but I really feel the move was my new start, and my entrusting into the big man. Moved in New Years eve, and as with any change, there's the period of discomfort, getting into new timings, routines, new jobs, getting rid of old stuff etc, but yeah, really feel I belong here for now.

Certain habitual behaviours and areas of improvement, have been really developed and for the better and getting on top of things.

Still working 3 jobs and volunteering with odd jobs and projects, however I'm rethinking my priorities and what I need to be doing and where my time needs to be spent now. been very tired. More meditating/prayer/thoughts/questioning needed.

Working on organisation and how to fit everything in, linked to what's been said above.

Heading away to Amsterdam this week for a week which should help some thoughts and time to relax.

Really feel like I have been getting on top of certain aspects of my life, just gotta keep pushing onwards, not get complacent.

Might change the layout of the blog, what do you think?

This was just a quick one to update and add a current goings on.... Bare with me, working on time management and living in general, made mistakes with this blog posting jazz, forgive me.

Going to reshare a facebook update that I think better explains where I'm at, so here's me regular "2 Cents" You'd usually see in a metre long ramble put into a paragraph. Looking forward to further developing and journeying on through life with you.

- At the moment, I'm just trying to learn what it is to live as I was made to be, at the moment that includes my lateness, weakness, tiredness & struggling self. I'm working on it, we all can, but not if we're faking it, wanting to be that guy or that girl. Don't be afraid to admit where and when you fall short, confronting our inadequacies, helps us confront and overcome them, moving us closer to our true being.

Like it or lump it, I'm trying, working on living in light, faith, hope, truth and love. It's a tough one, lets do it together I can't do it on my own.

If there is anything you want to questions and explore, please post and as long as it's a genuine question/comment I'll be on it. (damn net trolls nowadays), or along the same lines, if there's anything poignant you enjoy, please share and link back to this blog. I'm not here for money, or recognition, lets just figure it out together.

In a world surrounded in celebrity and fakeness, lets throw some radical, ordinary honesty and PEOPLE back in the works.



Ami said...

Good stuff. :)

Shakeel Amir Ahmed said...

Hi Brad,
Really made me think about things. Keep up with the bloggs they're really inspirational. Hope to see you next week,

Tommy said...

nice long posts!