Saturday, November 26, 2011

27th November '11

This is NOT about blurting all over to gain anything from anyone.

I believe sharing is useful, that's always been the purpose of this blog, to share, in hope that others can understand themselves through someone else's open thoughts and feelings.

Writing is one of the few ways I can actually express myself and get my thoughts out.

I don't know how to deal with this. It's always been the case, but I've had stuff to get on with which, perhaps, preoccupied my mind. Who really knows.

I've been finding recently, dad just pops into mind and sets me off. Mainly at night, when things wind down, bang, tears stream. Don't know where it comes from or how to avoid, but it hits.

The main feeling is regret.

Why wasn't I with him more when I could have been? Christmas is going to be weird. He was such a good, talented, skilled, inspiring, loved person. He'd been through so much. Why couldn't I accept how ill he really was? Did I really know? Such a waste of a beautifully creative mind.

The worst part, and it feels selfish for thinking it, but I've lost the one person that I feel understood me. I could be talking about anything, and things just trail off, because I didn't really need to say it because he understood. Like I pick a subject and he'd be like telepathically "Don't get me started boy". heh.

When I think about things, I have this one, main, lingering and consuming thought, that he'd have been there, at my side non-stop if roles were reversed. As much as I was, I should have done and been there more. I'm sorry.

All I can really do at the moment it try to be brutally honest in hope to make some sense of things.

Monday, November 21, 2011

21st November 2011 - I really need to update more frequently!

Flying post to share some stuff that's been going on. 


BELOW ARE. Links, Pics, People, Events, Stuff, VIDEO! etc:

Hoops , Juggling and bands - 30th October

Went up to London to see Ri-flower, Rae and others, to hoop, juggle and play in the park like awesome people. It was much fun, got a few hours of juggling practice in, which is a rarity nowadays but it was fun. When we'd finished in the park Ri and I went to Camden to our favourite little eatery "My Village".


Upon leaving, I did a double take and realised Matt and Chris from Funeral For a Friend were in there eating also. I left them be but figured they must be playing a show, so managed to wangle tickets and saw them that night. Escape the fate were supporting, which was an unexpected bonus. Funeral STOLE the night though with an AMAZING set, playing lots of songs from their kick ass new album, "Welcome Home Armageddon".

Here's a video of what I captured of the Night, Funeral for a friend opening up! Watch in HD!

Coincidentally, this day last year I was seeing Avenged Sevenfold and Stone Sour! Apparently this date is yearly gig day.

Sopio! - 12th November

I ventured to LONDON for the 2nd London Sopio Tournament, celebrating the creation and release of the 3rd Deck in the Sopio series! ((It's a killer deck))

The Tournament was run by none other than Mr Danny Hooper and Alex Day, was great to see them again and have a good old chat about my favourite card game. 

This time round only deck 3 was being played the whole day, which, took time but was much fun being thrown into the deep end. I managed to get through to the final of this tournament with "Epic subby Rowan' Brad Smith from World of the Orange (TEAM WOTO) and Laura Maxwell.

Laura won in the end, but nonetheless I'm now ranked.... 6th in the world and Sopio! WOOP!

Thanks for everyone for being so awesome and lovely (and geeky enough to attend and make it happen!

Respective links for this part:

Danny Hooper (Sopio King)  -

Alex Day (Twilight reader sensation) -

Sopio (The greatest card game to exist ever) -

Longboarding and pursuits - 15th November.

Playing while it was SLIGHTLY dry in Wales.

 Well, winter and the wetness has set in which is making boarding difficult BUT managed to get a decent day in last week, and filmed, and edited in the same day. So, enjoy the video below!
Big thanks to Newton's Shred for adding me to the Team and for the support over the year!
Need Longboard stuff? Get over to

There will be MUCH more video stuff coming in the very near future, so if you aren't please subscribe to my channel on Youtube.

Since last post, The Southend Longboarding Gravity Research Division and Newtons Shred Team, went to WALES to play on a VERY WET hill mid September, Hog Hill in the beginning of October and skating loads since.

If you could swing by and like the page, would be super awesome! Same for for all your longboarding needs and fixes :).

Last Little Bit - Legacy XS ESSEX - Oct/Nov.

Recently Legacy has had funding for a Laser Gun Combat space to be created.


Legacy says: 
"Our Realistic state of the art laser game equipment immerses you in a world of combat scenarios for extreme excitement and entertainment.Using military grade, Red dot targeting scopes and weapon based programming, You can enjoy paint ball type games without the paint or the pain!"
If you're looking for some fun times to be had over the cold wet winter months, then book yourself in on a friday! I've spent hours in this place playing so far!!


That it for now, gonna try to share little stories and things I find interesting more regularly, and less via twitter and facebook :)

THANKS! Once again, any thoughts, please share, would love to hear from you!!