Saturday, February 18, 2012

18th Feb '12: Jumping into the Tube with me.

Manic day at the skatepark!! :( ....

Anyways main purpose of this post was just sharing 3 new videos I put up last week for your viewing pleasure. Hope you enjoy. Longboarding and UK Downhill for the win!

Longboard Collision of 2011: FAIL!

- How not to Race a heat of 2011

- Motivational speaking in Longboarding of 2011 

All filmed in Wales, Ride the Dragon freeride and race in September 2011. Great times, very wet riding and racing, great pick of UK Longboard guys and girls on site!

By the way, I join tumblr... quite the experience! Good fun!

More into 2012! Enjoy the vids,


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