Sunday, February 12, 2012

Feb 12th 2012: The new year flys by again!

February already! Crazy!

I've been reasonably busy continuing to work and do things for the YMCA and Legacy XS. Been relaxing lots and hanging out with friends all over the place. To keep up to date on things and to do SOMETHING with the video footage I'm accumulating, I'll be video blogging and updating things via Youtube as much as I can. Here's my Life Vlog 1, hope you enjoy; just a bit of fun.

Been remembering a lot of the lessons and principles from The way of the peaceful warrior, a novel by Dan Millman, which, a few years ago. The book and approaches really helped me open up a bit in my life approach and living in general. As I've explored various areas of life approaches and movements of faith over the years etc,I come close to falling into the thought of not really feeling like I've come very far but in essence, I feel I've come full circle, back to where I was and somewhere I felt worked, if that makes sense.

So I'm re-starting back to basics, and re-learning to enjoy the general process of learning rather than pushing too hard on finding a definitive answer as my perfectionist inner being says I should. - Continual search for truth needs an open-ness that I feel is often lacking by having a set stance on the matter of 'truth'. It puts a filter on things, which, although it makes sense of certain areas and experiences, often drains out colours/perspectives of reality which we may need to see to see things truthfully. ( I realise it is slightly paradoxical saying in effect 'my stance is no stance' as it immediately creates a stance, but Paradox is a law of the world so deal with it). I don't want to do that nor do I feel it is beneficial, so if I had to label myself to something I'd remain 'open'. Open to truth wherever and whatever that may be.

Truth should be agreed by many, make logical sense and yet work deeper than logic, a sense of right and true feeling in the 'heart' and/or self. Truth needs to speak through situations with an underlying knowledge.
 "To say that [either] that which is, is not or that which is not is, is a falsehood; and to say that that which is, is and that which is not is not, is true". - Aristotle

I've been working on taking whatever opportunities open up and it's led me to meet some great new people and especially after a trying year, things are looking a little more optimistic and full of potential, rather than just going through the motions and the same.

Things made sense previously in regards to faith an spirituality but I can't argue with my experience and feeling that something's been missing so I remain open to prospects and theories of reality which I will continue to test and develop my own theories of and on.

So I guess that's where this blog's going back to. Brain dumps and sharing stuff.

What else is happening?

Start of 2012:
- Looking for more work.
- Lots of boarding in the suprising dry.
- Parkour and movement.
- Strength training.
- London.

Near future:
- Brussels in April - UK Invasion freeride! - Newtons Shred Team
- May Hog Hill with
- Work to be coming up.
- More Parkour.
- Building epic spaces. (details to follow).
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