Wednesday, July 11, 2012

11th July '12: Linky Winkys!

Hey all!

Brief up date to say what's been going down, Since last update I've been to Belgium, free-riding, dislocated my shoulder, got a new job, moved house and yeah, nuts. Been pretty darn busy.

Here's my arm dislocation video! WOOP! -

Arm's all mended and I'm skating more than ever on the quads in response to my growing interest in Roller Derby and refereeing. Reffed my first legit closed door bout on Sunday in Brighton which I do believe went pretty well, learnt lots. Seaside Sirens' Coastbusters went against the Brighton Rockers B Team, good game and good to get in the swing of reffing a real bout Being able to actually put into practice that which I've been learning in my free time is really rewarding and shows I've been making progress.

I now live in Westcliff, a place of my own, nice amount of space, right by the seafront which is good for the occasional dip in the sea or skate to work along the seafront, (when the 'great' British weather actually holds out).

My new job revolves around fundraising for a local charity and creating community sporting events which is a challenge but I'm learning lots from it all, which is really good. All in all, things are pretty nifty.

It's coming up to nearly a year since dad died, time's gone so fast, really mad. Certain things fully hit me, and I remember in a big way how much I miss dad, but, the main approach is staying busy, getting on with things and dealing with things as and when they arise. He was a big part of my life and it's understandable if there still feels like there's still a big piece missing.

I've also started a few new things... And will link to people you should deffo check out, help out, follow and promote.

New Youtube Channel, The Southend Longboarding Pirate, DOWNHILL SPEEDY BOARDING ACTION! -
My Original Youtube Channel, Still going! Brad Moss Youtube:

NEW BLOG - Alternative and Niche sports within the UK, Hope to have perspectives, stories and ideas shared from various people, get in touch, if you're interested. Please follow and

Seaside Sirens Roller Derby League, great bunch of people, great sport, Southend Based!: 

Hardnutz Helmets: Great lids, sponsoring my Team, The GRD (Southend Longboarding Gravity research Division) 

Until Next time, thanks for reading! Want any thoughts/ideas/topics shared and covered? Post a comment below!

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