Friday, December 14, 2012

14th December 2012 - News, News, NEWS.

Well, as always, been a while, it's cold grey and wet, go Britian!

Quick update and some important stuff I'd love to readers and ANYONE to help out with where possible, so please read and re-share and I'll love you forever.

Quick Updates:
-Turned 25 on the 7th October - Yes I am old!

- Went to America with Jenna! Hung out with family for thanksgiving, (Lush although I passed out drunk and locked myself in a room ;p), went to Harry Potter World at Islands of Adventure, ate A LOT of great food, really awesome time!


- Working hard for Southend YMCA, creating Community Events and helping raise vital funds!

- Roller Derby - Going well, helping to develop our leagues ref stuff and going over the NEW RULESET (Rubbish wording) but hey, gotta' get on with it for the new year!


- HOGTOBERFEST 2013 - VETERAN UK Downhill event at the end of October: Slept in a van, freezed my ass off and came 2nd place the next day on the open downhill. GOOD FUN! New board, can't complain.

2012 has been a full on year and I've been working hard to make the most of the opportunities in front of me. This certainly isn't easy when I have to shuffle 2 jobs, AND all my hobbies and passions, AND the ventures in trying to include: Youtube, writing, and working on skateboard modding, Derby and UK Downhill development.

Nonetheless I'm trying and working hard to make things better for the people around the area and to help progress the things I love, so please have a good read of the few things below.

1. Expect to see more PARKOUR and training stuff appearing back on this blog. Yes, that's right.
2. Sign this petition to help Southend become the first place in the UK to create a shared space for downhill skateboarders. PLEASE REHSARE!

If the image above doesn't work, visit the petition HERE:

3. Local skate project: I'm trying to establish a system where people can get GOOD quality recycled Skateboarding goods, combating the frankly shoddy set ups most mainstream stores sell and charge through the nose for. If you have any old, used decks, wheels, trucks, grip, hardware which is used but in a usable condition please drop me a comment below, or message us via . This will make it CHEAPER and easier to help people get onto Skateboards throughout Southend, Essex and the UK as a whole, while recycling and supporting the scene through your giving!

Thanks all! and Expect for training vids and articles soon!


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